Outdoor LED video displays and how they can benefit your business.

The Benefits of Outdoor LED Video Displays

As we move further into the digital age, more businesses are elevating their outdoor signage by transitioning to digital. An outdoor LED video display provides a flexible, eye-catching, weather-safe solution to capture the attention of passersby or market a specific message during  high-traffic outdoor events.

Keep reading for the benefits of outdoor LED video displays and how you can use them to engage more of your audience.

Outdoor Led Video Displays Help Engage Your Audience

Though they’re rapidly growing in popularity, outdoor LED video displays are still a unique thing to behold. With a bright and vivid display, you can instantly engage potential customers’ attention. More perks include:

Endless opportunities to share all of your unique content. You can choose designated times for when you want to display alternating content by shuffling different messages throughout the day. Deliver a selection of ads and updates to reach unique audiences when you expect them to be nearby.

The ability to engage your audience from any location. Operate your outdoor advertisements remotely by connecting your digital sign to wifi. Any number of digital signs can be operated from your office or home with the click of a mouse.

Complete control over your messaging and customization. You choose what’s on display: the look, the text, the branding, everything. When the time comes to add in something new or pull a message down, it can be done instantly.

Low maintenance technology with high durability. Digital signs are highly resistant to damage and require minimal maintenance. Compared with traditional billboards that feature vinyl and light fixtures, it’s no wonder LED has become so popular.

Higher ROI on your advertising efforts. Static billboards require a new budget every time you want to change them. LED video displays have a one-time build and design cost, but you and your team can accomplish the rest on a computer.

Outdoor LED Video Display Tips and Tricks

With great power comes great responsibility. While LED signage can be incredibly beneficial and impressive, it can also be done poorly. To do it right, engage a sign company with extensive experience approaching the various technical facets of digital signage design.

Browse your options by viewing company portfolios and reviews to ensure you’re going with a reputable option. It also helps to do as much research as possible, so you aren’t walking into your planning meeting blind! Some tips and tricks to have in your back pocket are:

Protect your sign against inclement weather conditions. If water enters the LED enclosure, the display can suffer damages or even break. To reduce the risk of any water damage, the technician can install a circulation system to insulate the display’s enclosure.

Choose dependable hardware. Climate should be considered when determining what display to use. Proper protection should be installed if you live in an area with many seasons. Discuss options and recommendations with the company designing and installing your sign to ensure it’s adequately protected.

Regulate internal temperatures. Outdoor LED video displays need to maintain a specific internal temperature to operate properly, and being on constantly puts them at risk of overheating, resulting in dying pixels and discoloration. The installation of an HVAC system will help regulate the display’s internal temperature.

Be intentional with the brightness levels of outdoor applications. The brightness of your display plays a major role in its visibility and image quality. Choose high-brightness and high-contrast displays, so the brightness of direct sunlight doesn’t drown out the image.

Make sure you’re using the right screen. There are different screens explicitly designed for indoor use and outdoor use. Many people make the mistake of attempting to use their indoor display for an outdoor event to try to avoid the additional purchase. However, indoor screens are not weatherproof and become a major electrical risk when wet. The display could also get damaged, resulting in no one seeing your content.

Keep up routine maintenance. Outdoor LED video displays can incur damages from the weather even when built to withstand harsh climates. Schedule an LED professional to conduct routine maintenance on your screen, so it continues to display bright images for as long as possible.

Choose your location wisely. Be thoughtful when deciding where to place your sign so you can both engage your target audience and protect the health of your outdoor screen at the same time. Ideal locations for outdoor screens are outside of direct sunlight, such as under an awning or in the shade of a large structure.

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