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The Strangest Commercial Signs in Houston

Strange isn’t always a bad thing. When your business offers an unusual product, prides itself on a sense of humor, or heavily markets its eccentricity, a strange, custom commercial LED sign can be a valuable marketing tool.

Strange Working in Houston

These strange Houston signs are more than weird. They’re also ingenious because they attract consumers’ attention and make it impossible to forget the business. That’s what every good sign should do.

Check out these strange–and strangely wonderful–Houston-area commercial signs.

Your Kitchen

No one seems to know what’s happening here, but it’s hilarious, eye-catching, and a great way to draw in curious customers. The sign says Your Kitchen offers Vietnamese food, then Chinese food. And then, in a twist, it says it’s under new management and now offers Thai food. No matter what kind of food it actually offers, Your Kitchen clearly has no trouble poking fun at itself.

Baker’s Ribs

Baker’s Ribs has made pigs a key part of its branding, including its signage. After all, it’s a barbecue joint. With a giant pig bursting through this popular Houston staple, it’s impossible to misconstrue what’s on the menu.

Little Dude’s Mini Storage

Storage businesses have a reputation for being pretty impersonal. After all, it’s not like you’ll be on a first-name basis with the bored person who guards the front desk. But Little Dude’s Mini Storage suggests that might not always be the case. It separates itself from the storage giants with a hilarious cowboy logo, complete with guns drawn. And naturally, that logo is displayed in all of its glory on the company’s sign. It’s enough to convince even skeptical consumers that there’s something different about Little Dude’s.

Church Services Repair

If you think Church Services Repair specializes in catering to churches, or perhaps is run by devoutly religious people, you’re not alone. But the name of this Houston HVAC service has nothing to do with it service offerings. Church Services Repair has chosen to flout a cornerstone of marketing: that customers must know what you’re selling. Instead, this creative business uses a vaguely church-like logo on its sign, encouraging consumers to take a second look. The sense of humor might not be for everyone, but it’s certainly attracted a sizable portion of the Houston HVAC market.

Joint Chiropractic

Chiropractic is serious business. Chiropractors work with people in pain, many of whom have been in pain for years–even decades. Yet a sense of humor can be a boon to any business, and The Joint has refined this principle like no other. “This joint’s legal!” the sign blares to passersby across its numerous Houston locations. Effective marketing is all about getting a customer’s attention. And in a saturated market, sometimes that requires jarring a would-be customer just a bit. Don’t worry; everything happening behind closed doors at The Joint really is legal.

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