The Voss Apartments monument sign after sign cleaning

Sign Cleaning Tips and Tricks to Keep it Like New

Companies need outdoor signs to display their name and promote their business 24 hours a day, so signs should always look their best. However, dirt and debris build up over time, causing your sign to lose some of its visual appeal.

Learn sign cleaning tips to keep your exterior signage attractive throughout the year and know when to call in professionals to tackle your sign maintenance.

Use Quality Cleansers and Gentle Tools

Whether you’re washing dishes, cleaning a restroom, or doing laundry, you need different cleansers and tools for each job so the work is done safely and without damage. The same is true for sign cleaning and maintenance – use quality cleansers and gentle tools to keep exterior signs looking like new without causing damage to the sign itself.

You’ll need cleaners or soaps that are safe for your sign since some have abrasive chemicals that could discolor signs, damage the surface, or remove the coatings and finishes on certain metals. In most cases, mild soap or even just water is enough to keep signs looking great.

Any tools used should be gentle, so they don’t harm the appearance or function of your sign. If you use a pressure washer, it should be set to a lower pressure spray to avoid damaging the surface or causing debris to leave scratches.

How to Clean Your Signs

Whether you have one acrylic panel sign or several monument or metal signs, each type of sign needs a different cleaning method for removing built-up dust, debris, or other grime accumulated over time.

Acrylic Signs

Many businesses choose acrylic signs for their name and logo display, but they quickly gather dirt and pollen that dulls and diminishes the curb appeal. Cleaning an acrylic sign takes caution since these signs can scratch, discolor, or fade easily, so avoid using pressure washers on your acrylic sign.

First, make sure your soap or cleanser is mild and safe to use on acrylic surfaces, and then use water to carefully wash off larger debris or dirt since they may scratch the surface and leave behind tiny abrasions on the sign. Next, use a cotton cloth to apply the soap or cleaning solution with gentle motions, rinse off the soap, and pat it dry with a clean cloth.

Channel Letter and Storefront Signs

Channel letter signs are popular because they can be customized to display any type of color, shape, or logo, but they’re also popular among birds, spiders, and other small wildlife that might want to nest near them. Storefront signs and channel letters need regular cleaning and maintenance to prevent any significant damage or debris buildup.

To avoid damaging your channel letter sign, use a gentle spray from a pressure washer to wash away dirt and dust from the letters. If the water pressure is too strong, it could damage the panels or the electronic components inside the letters or raceway mount.

Monument Signs

Monument signs are installed at street level near entrances and are often made of brick, stone, custom masonry, or durable metals for many years of stability. The problem with monument signs is that they quickly accumulate dirt or leaf buildup because they’re so low to the ground.

A power washer removes most of the dirt and built-up debris in and near your monument sign without damaging the sign or lights inside. Brick, stone, and metal can be power washed at a higher setting to remove stubborn stains and offer a clean appearance.

When to Call for Professional Sign Maintenance

There may be times when your exterior sign needs cleaning or maintenance, but tackling the project yourself might not be an option.

For example, pylon signs are tall signs that are meant to be viewed from far away, so they need to always stay clean and visible. Unfortunately, they’re usually too tall to clean from the ground, even with a pressure washer, so professional sign maintenance is needed.

Call for professional sign maintenance if:

  • Employees are too busy with their normal duties to perform sign maintenance
  • You don’t have proper cleaning equipment or supplies
  • Your sign was vandalized or spray painted
  • The sign is too tall to safely clean or perform maintenance
  • Birds or other wildlife have nested in your sign
  • Bulbs, panels, or parts need to be replaced or repaired
  • There is a LED sign or electrical control panel that needs maintenance

National Signs Offers Sign Maintenance

Clean and functioning outdoor signs reflect positively on your business and brand, and National Signs helps keep your signs looking brand new. We offer professional, detailed sign maintenance and cleaning services for any kind of outdoor sign.

Our team has the equipment, tools, and expertise needed to give your sign a brilliant and eye-catching appearance from any distance. We can also perform any kind of sign repair or maintenance to LED lights, electrical wiring, or other sign components to restore your sign’s full functionality.

Contact us today to learn more about professional sign cleaning and maintenance services from National Signs.