Channel Letters for Killen’s Steakhouse.

Select the Right Channel Letter Sign with These Tips

Outdoor signs are a necessary investment in the marketing and growth of any business. So, it’s crucial to pick the best type of business sign that meets your specific needs.

Channel letter signs are one of the most popular ways to display a business name and promote your company brand. Why are these signs so popular? Because of the vast array of design options available! Let’s take a closer look.

The Best Way to Select Channel Letter Signage

These three helpful tips help you identify the ideal signage for your property. You’ll also discover the difference National Signs can make in providing eye-catching, durable, and attractive signage solutions for your business.

1. Identify Sign Needs

These signs are incredibly effective because they serve several important functions:

  • Clearly display your business name and logo.
  • Are illuminated for better visibility at night.
  • Are large enough to be seen from a distance away.
  • Reflect your unique company brand and style.

Sounds like a great start, right? Now you need to think about how to select the best sign that fits your specific needs. You’ll need to consider factors such as the following:

  • Sign size
  • Sign shape
  • Colors
  • Illumination options
  • Weather and outdoor conditions
  • Visibility

With channel letter signs, you can use a large, bright, and eye-catching font and style that is unique and recognizable to your brand. Or, you can go conventional and select a smaller, more traditional sign.

Zoning restrictions may also impact your signage selection. Some municipalities limit the size, lighting, and colors used in outdoor signs for a more conservative or unified look.

Identifying your specific needs can help your business choose the right type of sign for your property.

2. Determine Installation Location

Sign placement is vital in choosing what type of channel letter sign will work best for your business. These types of signs come in various sizes and styles, so you will need to pick the location on your property that will be the best place to display your name and logo.

There are three ways to mount or install this type of sign onto a building. Once you identify the best sign location and address any sign restrictions, you can choose the mounting type needed for your business sign.

 – Raceway Mount: The raceway mount, which is the most common type of mount, works by affixing channel letters to a long metal box that runs the length of the full sign, with all wiring and power sources stored safely inside. The metal box is attached to the building for a more secure installation. It can also be painted to match the color of the building or sign for a more unified appearance.

Raceway mounts minimize the number of wall fasteners needed to attach the sign to the building, making them a popular choice for property management landlords or building owners. Before choosing your sign, confirm if a raceway mount is required by property management.

 – Flush Mount or Direct Mount: A direct mount or flush mount is when the letters are individually attached directly to the building façade. And all of the power supplies and wiring are hidden behind the building wall or façade. This option is ideal for businesses that want a simple and attractive appearance for their signage.

– Backer Mount: With a backer mount option, the letters are attached to a metal flat cabinet or panel that is wider and taller than the actual sign, similar to a mount in a picture frame. All of the wiring and power supplies for the channel letters are either stored inside the metal cabinet frame or behind the building façade.

3. Choose Signage Styles That Fit Your Brand

Finally, it helps to have outdoor signage that perfectly reflects your company’s brand, style, and overall color scheme. This type of sign is made using a combination of aluminum sheets, acrylic panels, and a light feature inside, creating a wide variety of design options to support your branding efforts.

These signs come in several different design types. The option we typically emphasize to our customers is face and reverse-lit channel letters. Some of the features include an acrylic face, a trim cap to hold the acrylic, aluminum sides (called a return), and an aluminum back.

National Signs Offers Attractive Channel Letter Signs

When you need a bold and eye-catching way to display your business name and logo, consider channel letter signs from National Signs. Our award-winning sign designers, manufacturers, and installation team can create and install stunning signs that are effective, reliable, and durable for years to come.

Contact us today to request a quote on the signs you need for your business!