Workers on a crane installing a sign on a tall building.

Schedule Business Sign Repair to Support Your Tenants

If you own or manage a commercial property, you understand the importance of keeping great tenants to lease available retail or office space. Your property’s long-term growth depends on the success of your tenants, so it’s important to promote them in the most engaging way possible.

Outdoor and indoor signs can highlight each tenant’s businesses to the surrounding community to boost their revenue, which will help grow your business! To ensure that each tenant sign looks its best, it’s important to schedule regular business sign repair and maintenance. 

Learn how the quality of business signage affects your tenants, what types of sign maintenance and repair services may be needed, and how National Signs can help you keep the commercial property looking professional and engaging.

How Business Signage Impacts Your Tenants

Business signs are usually the very first thing people notice at a commercial property, so you want to provide your tenants with signs that are eye-catching and fully functional 24/7.

 Companies only have seconds to catch the attention of people driving by. So, if the commercial signs are attractive with engaging information, people passing by are more likely to stop and visit your tenant businesses.

However, if signs are cracked, faded, broken, not visible, or have burned-out lights, this will create a negative first impression for your tenants and your entire commercial property.

 When your commercial property always offers appealing, high-quality commercial signs, your tenants are more likely to:

  • Feel valued and appreciated
  • Have steady revenues
  • Stay current on rent payments
  • Renew their commercial leases
  • Promote your commercial site to other potential tenants

It can be hard to attract valuable tenants to a long-term lease, but great signage will help your commercial property win them over.

Is It Time for Sign Repair and Maintenance? 

Even the most expensive and well-constructed business signs may need some type of repair or maintenance during their lifetime, especially outdoor signs that are exposed to different weather conditions. Your signs probably need maintenance or repair if they have the following issues:

  • Faded graphics
  • Peeling panels
  • Cracks or dents
  • Broken lights
  • Malfunctioning electronic displays
  • Rust or rot on supporting posts and panels
  • Debris or dirt accumulations

Any of these sign issues can reflect poorly on your commercial property and your tenant businesses, so timely and professional sign services are needed. 

National Signs Offers a Full Range of Sign Services 

When it’s time for your commercial signs to get repaired or have general maintenance performed, National Signs is the ideal choice to handle all your signage needs. Our sign maintenance team provides prompt, professional, and efficient sign services to a full range of businesses and industries.

 We can perform repairs or maintenance on all types of signs, including:

  • Post and panel signs
  • Monument signs
  • Channel letters
  • Pylon signs
  • Electrical or LED signs

 We start by identifying the specific sign issues or problems that need to be corrected and chart an appropriate course of action.

Our team has the equipment, service vehicles, and expertise to handle any type of sign repair or replacement. Whether you need support with panel repair, LED bulb replacements, repainting faded pylon posts, removing bird nests, or replacing damaged signs after a storm, we have you covered.

Schedule Business Sign Repair Services Today 

National Signs is a full-service sign manufacturing, installation, and maintenance company, providing sign solutions to companies across the country. If your commercial property needs new or repaired signage to support your tenant businesses, National Signs can help!

 Contact us today to schedule your business sign repair. Discover why so many commercial property owners choose National Signs for their sign maintenance needs.