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15 Restaurant Signs Houstonians Know And Love

A Few of Our Favorite Houston Signs

A creative sign helps your business stand out. So take a look at these 15 creative Houston restaurant signs (some are ours and others we just appreciate). Next, call National Signs to design a sign that takes your business to the next level of success.

Niko Niko’s

With bold, bright lettering that covers much of the building Niko Niko’s decidedly contemporary sign is impossible to not notice. The lettering is bright, exciting, and matches the company’s logo perfectly (if we do say so ourselves).
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If you’ve got a creative logo you love, then take a page from BB’s playbook. Your logo doesn’t have to be boring or black and white. Featuring BB’s crescent moon and clock, this logo sign stands out for all the right reasons.


Precisely no one expects to drive past a beaver the size of a large car. The Beaver’s sign is unexpected, witty, and attention-grabbing. That’s what makes it work. For businesses who want to have a little fun with their customers, a giant attention-getting sign like this hits the mark.

59 Diner

59 Diner isn’t around anymore but it was definitely a Houston icon! It’s creative mix of retro diner styling, complete with its unique font and arrow pointing to the diner were unforgettable. When merged with a large contemporary tower, the juxtaposition is both attention-getting and attractive. We couldn’t make a list without it!

Hobbit Cafe

If you’ve ever loved or wanted to try a restaurant but forgotten its name, the Hobbit Cafe offers an easy solution. Featuring kitschy styling complete with a hobbit, this sign makes it impossible to forget this unique cafe’s name.


Harold’s sign is, quite literally, a work of love. Featuring artistic renderings of proclamations of love, it’s impossible to walk by this sign without smiling. This positive message makes Harold’s lovely sign a popular spot for photography. Being unique means greater visibility and a wider potential customer base.

Antonio’s Flying Pizza Restaurant

Offering conclusive proof that LED signs can feature much more than just lettering, Antonio’s Flying Pizza Restaurant tells customers exactly what it offers: housemade pizzas that have created a dedicated following of fans. The large size and contrasting colors look great in all lighting and can attract attention even from long distances.


Ninfa’s Tex-Mex has been a long-time Houston staple. It’s giant sign featuring a parrot and the company logo likely have a lot to do with that. Many sign designers insist that the only acceptable font is simple block lettering. Yet Ninfa’s script sign makes clear that, with the right sign design, any font can work.
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Pink’s Pizza

Pink’s Pizza channels what worked best about old-school neon signs, and blends this with more modern lettering. Bright in all lighting, this sign is hard to miss. It also perfectly captures the pathos of this pizza joint–homey, a little old-school, and always committed to a tradition of excellent pizza.

Ramen Tatsu-Ya

What makes a trendy restaurant? Signage plays a major role. Everything about Ramen Tatsu-Ya is over the top, from the giant lights in the building to the oversized waving cat out front. With black lettering that occupies much of the front of the building, Ramen Tatsu-Ya makes clear that it’s shaking things up.

El Real Tex-Mex Cafe

The glowing neon hues and vertical lines of El Real Tex-Mex Cafe’s sign look like they belong outside an old-school movie theater. That’s exactly what works about the sign: it defies expectations, encouraging potential customers to do a double take. It’s also hard to miss, with its tall columnar design and juxtaposition of complementary hues. Maybe that’s why El Real always is packed.

Yia Yia Mary’s Greek Kitchen

Dubbed the “Parthenon of pita sandwiches,” Yia Yia Mary’s Greek kitchen boasts a bright blue sign offset by burgundy design elements. Pan out and you’ll see a woman with her hands positioned gleefully in the air. It sets the perfect tone for the restaurant, which is part authentic Greek cuisine and part eccentric family eatery.

Pass and Provisions

This trendy eatery in a warehouse-style brick building boasts a sign that encourages a bit of mystery. Its swirly ampersand conveys little about the business, instead encouraging customers to wonder what exactly is behind these brick walls. Sometimes stoking a little curiosity is better than telling the full story, and Pass and Provisions perfectly exemplifies this marketing truth.

Armadillo Palace

What could better convey this restaurant’s name than a giant, bright, reflective armadillo. This attention-getting sign is part art, part conversation piece, and 100% unique.

Ragin’ Cajun

You might not have put walking under a giant, angry crawfish on your bucket list. But after eating at the Ragin’ Cajun, you might realize that it’s something everyone should do at least once. This is the perfect sign for this unique eatery.rajun cajun houston texas sign Ready to design a unique sign that’s all your own? Let National Signs get to work for you!