Programmable LED signs available through National Signs for customers including Smart Financial Centre in Sugar Land, Texas

Send the Right Message Through Programmable LED Signs!

National Signs knows the impact of messaging; that’s why we’ve been in the business of helping clients make a bold statement in their market since 1992.

We work with leading companies and organizations to create lasting impressions, help you stand out from the competition, attract customers, and announce important information. One of the best ways to do all of these things is through a dynamic type of signage – programmable LED signs.

Programmable LED signs are sure to capture the attention of those who pass by your business, school, organization, or venue. Because these signs are completely customizable, you can display anything you want! Let’s talk about the different things that these signs can convey and the benefits of utilizing these signs.

What Message Do You Want to Send?

Different organizations will obviously have different needs when it comes to signage. A church probably won’t have the same things to share on their sign as a hospital. A grocery store won’t display the same information as a high school. The good thing is that you can make it your own and you can change it anytime you want. How cool is that?

Though the possibilities are endless, here are just a few examples of the types of businesses and organizations that could benefit from a programmable LED sign and the messaging you can use.


  • Recognize achievements, such as winning the state championship or placing in a science fair
  • Announce upcoming after-school events, such as dance recitals and theater performances
  • Remind students of dates for standardized testing, school photos, or holidays
  • Celebrate school teams by showcasing MVP’s and sharing game scores
  • Congratulate staff for milestone employment anniversaries
  • Make health and safety announcements, such as COVID-19 testing

Performing Arts Venues

  • Promote upcoming concerts, plays, and other shows
  • Announce any show cancelations or rescheduled events
  • Display the phone number and website for the box office to encourage ticket purchases
  • Support way finding by directing guests to the box office, parking garage, etc

Sporting Venues

  • Display the current score of the game
  • Promote any upcoming games or special promotional nights
  • Highlight player stats and stories
  • Advertise stadium sponsors

Religious Centers

  • Celebrate by wishing patrons happy holidays
  • Announce times and dates of upcoming services
  • Share websites where parents can register their children for classes or daycare
  • Promote upcoming social events such as festivals or retreats

Retail Stores

  • Promote upcoming or current sales
  • Showcase new and coveted merchandise
  • Announce any store closures or time changes


  • Remind patients to get checkups, vaccines, or flu shots
  • Inform your audience of COVID-19 vaccine availability
  • Alert the public to any health notices
  • Display phone numbers to call and make appointments
  • Direct drivers toward emergency entrances

Why Use Programmable LED Signs?

When displaying the right message for your business or organization, you can be sure to see positive results. Whether your sign is used for information, entertainment, or advertisement, it’s bound to get noticed, create buzz, support customer engagement, and ultimately, help you thrive.

If you promote sales and advertise merchandise, you can increase the volume of customers entering your store, which adds up to higher revenue for your business. You can also potentially attract a new base of customers who previously did not know anything about your store.

If you use your LED sign to promote shows and events, you can be sure it will help you sell more tickets – perhaps even sell out an event – resulting in more exposure and higher profits. For a venue, there’s nothing better than that!

School announcements can ensure that all faculty, staff, and students are on the same page about what’s happening, which helps with the overall flow of communication. Using your sign to celebrate achievements can help create a sense of pride and community at your campus.

Hospitals and doctors’ offices can use their signage to help others. By displaying health notices, you can help bring knowledge and awareness to the public. Providing information about your healthcare services will not only create an influx of patients but could potentially save lives!

See For Yourself Why Programmable LED Signs Work

It’s clear that programmable LED signs are beneficial for so many types of businesses. When you’re able to customize your message, you can reap the benefits that are important to you.
National Signs can help you with the design, installation, and programming of your sign. We have helped thousands of satisfied clients, many of whom have been with us since our inception. This is a testament to our rock-solid reliability. Our clients know that when we say we can do it, we will!

Want to send the right message for your business? Request a quote for your very own programmable LED sign today. We look forward to providing you with digital signage that supports your goals!