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The Power and Importance of Outdoor Signs

Having the right outdoor signage does more than let passing motorists know where to pull into your parking lot. A good outdoor sign can communicate brand, inform and engage potential customers to a point where they can’t resist stopping, putting off wherever they’re going and seeing what your bricks-and-mortar store has to offer. Here’s everything an outdoor sign can do for your business and why it’s so important.

Tell Them You’re Still Open

Lighted outdoor signs can be strong indicators to passing motorists that your store is still open. This is especially potent in wintertime. When it gets darker earlier, potential consumers may wonder if your store’s still open, particularly if your storefront is set really far back from the street. A bright outdoor sign lets customers know they’re welcome to shop late.

Apprise Them of Specials

Digital LED outdoor signs can act as powerful messengers for ongoing specials and sales events. Instead of a passive, unchanging sign, a digital display sign can be updated with the latest deals in a matter of minutes. This can help bring in spontaneous roadside traffic that would otherwise have passed you by.

Expand Your Brand Messaging

Outdoor signs can also be used to convey your brand messaging on a grand scale. This can be done through architectural accents like lighting, architectural shapes or even architectural posts. All these accents can be combined to give motorists a new taste of what your store brand is about, as well as to drive home your brand messaging to past and current customers.

Make a Grand Display

Pylon signs allow brick-and-mortar-business owners to make a grand display of their presence. Visible from up to 1,000 feet away, this outdoor sign type makes a big impact. It communicates success, long-lastingness, and power over competitors. Plus, there’s no chance for drivers to miss a pylon sign. It will never be outdone by any other sign on the street.

Make a Simple Statement

Depending on your business location, you may not be able to put up a freestanding sign near the road. In those instances, a simple but bold statement can be made with exterior wall lettering signs. Make no mistake, you can still get your brand across by adding a logo to the lettering and by ensuring that the font and colors adhere to your brand profile. Simplicity often equals elegance, and exterior wall outdoor signs are perfect for both.

Make a Lasting Impression

Monument signs are seen as permanent fixtures in a community. These structures help cement your business’s presence in the area. Literally made out of stone, they’re a lasting testament to the vitality of your company. Monument signs also serve as an easy-to-spot landmark for motorists; something that the eyes are drawn to every time they drive near.

As you can see, outdoor signs carry a lot of power and importance for your brick-and-mortar store. When it comes to signage, don’t settle for the ordinary. Choose one of the outdoor sign styles mentioned above to make your business truly stand out.