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How To Pick The Right Size For Your Custom LED Sign

The right custom LED sign can draw in new business, raise the profile of your company, and complement your branding efforts. A recent FedEx office survey found that 76% of consumers had visited a business they had never heard of before based on the sign alone. So your sign is a powerful investment in the financial future of your business. But you can’t just go with the Field of Dreams mentality of “if you build it, they will come.” There is an art and science to sign building — and a LOT of factors that come into play. The size, color, format, and building placement all play a part on the impact of your sign.

The Art of The LED Sign Size

When it comes to size in particular, here are a few important factors that you need to consider.

1. Consider the Surroundings

The best signs are those that complement, but do not blend into, your surroundings. A sign that will be displayed amid a large forest of trees should be large enough to be visible, but shouldn’t be so bright and oversized that it detracts from the beautiful scenery. Signs may need to be larger depending on their location. Consider a larger sign if:

  • Your business is set back a large distance from the road.
  • There’s poor visibility.
  • Your area tends to get foggy.
  • You need to convey a lot of information on your sign.
  • There are many other signs nearby that may distract from your sign.

2. Assess Visibility

Ultimately, sign size is about visibility. How easily can people see your sign? And from where will they be looking? Get into your customers’ heads by driving by your location at different times of day and under different lighting. Take a drive through the area to look at what other companies are doing with their signs. Then ask yourself what works and what doesn’t. If you identify any specific issues–such as a canopy of trees–talk to your sign manufacturer about ways to address these concerns. This Dunn & Stone Builder’s sign needed to be taller than average to be visible from the main road. Consider the following:

  • Will a large sign be obscured by other obstacles, such as trees?
  • Will a small sign be visible?
  • How large will a sign look in its actual location? A sign might look small in a photo or in person, but when positioned in its final location, may appear overpowering. Get a mock-up from your sign manufacturer.

3. Look at Other Signs

Assessing what other businesses are doing with their signs can help you get a feel for what works, and for what you like. Take a look at our sign gallery for a comprehensive tour of the myriad options for a beautiful sign. Some starting points for consideration include:

  • What your competitors are doing. You should aim to align with industry standards. If everyone has an enormous sign, you’ll fade into the background with a small and unobtrusive sign.
  • What nearby businesses do with their signs. These are businesses that have signs in similar lighting and geographic conditions to your own. Surveying what works and what doesn’t can inspire ideas for your own sign.
  • How lighting will affect your sign’s visibility. If you prefer a small sign, the right lighting and color combinations can make it more visible.
  • Other sign design elements. A sign can look larger or smaller depending on the font you use and the designs you select.

Most Importantly, Know Your Brand

The best sign is one that complements your branding. So consider the message you want to send to consumers with your sign. If you pride yourself on being funny or larger than life, then a huge sign might be the right option. If you’re a minimalist operation that caters to a boutique customer base, then a small, elegant sign might be more appropriate–even if your competitors are going bigger. National Signs can help you select the perfect sign for your needs. We work with you to ensure your sign is visible, attractive, and functional no matter what size you choose. If you’re ready to learn more, give us a call today!