Outdoor restaurant sign for Tokyo Joe’s in Texas.

Outdoor Restaurant Signage Ideas to Reach More Customers

Are you a restaurant owner trying to elevate your brand and reach a wider audience of customers? For many restaurants, diners, cafes, and delis, the answer may be as simple as having great outdoor signs.

Too often, people driving or walking by a restaurant simply don’t notice standard restaurant signs. Your business deserves outdoor signage that pops – enticing people into visiting and becoming a customer. 

Discover several outdoor restaurant signage ideas that will help increase your customer base. Also, learn how National Signs can provide custom sign solutions that deliver results!

5 Keys to Great Outdoor Restaurant Signage

Here’s how to strike the right balance of size, style, and function for your outdoor restaurant signs to reach your customers.

1. Larger Signs

Businesses need to create large, visible signs that grab attention and clearly identify their restaurant location. Without larger signs, your business name or logo could be hard to spot, especially in busy shopping centers with lots of competing businesses nearby, or because of large trees that impact visibility.

Whether it’s a channel letter sign or a monument sign out front, your outdoor restaurant sign must stand out and let potential and returning customers know exactly where to find your business.

2. Bold Colors

Your restaurant kitchen might offer bold and enticing dishes, but if your outdoor sign is dull and unattractive, you won’t have enough customers to support your business and discover your incredible food.

 The best outdoor restaurant signage offers vivid and eye-catching colors, such as a bright business logo, colorful channel letters, or a powerful LED sign to catch people’s eyes. When you have outdoor signs with exciting and attractive colors, you’re more likely to make a positive impression and appeal to potential customers. 

3. Taller Signage

When you want your restaurant to stand out above the competition, you should have an outdoor sign that does the same thing. Rather than only relying on street-level monument signs or channel letter signs above your entrance, a tall pylon sign will garner the greater attention your restaurant deserves.

 With a pylon sign, you can have a large-scale sign that highlights your name and logo from far away, which is especially important if you’re in a busy retail area with many competing businesses or near a busy roadway with thousands of passing cars each day.

A great pylon sign is visible in all weather conditions and may be a huge relief for new customers to find your location since they may be driving in unfamiliar areas trying to find your spot.

4. Additional Lighting

A common problem with restaurant signage is that it’s easy to spot during the daytime but difficult to see at night. You can resolve this issue by installing additional lighting fixtures in and around your exterior signage.

With lights strategically placed around your signs, you shine a spotlight on your restaurant name and logo in a way that makes it impossible to miss. White or multicolored landscape lights provide a greater effect to ensure your signs are bringing customers in and seeing your location with ease. 

5. Pictures or Graphics

Telling people what kind of food your restaurant sells can be helpful, but if you really want to make a statement, show them what they could be enjoying! With an LED screen outside your restaurant, you’re able to showcase the very best food your restaurant has to offer, with enticing photos of entrees, desserts, or fun drinks.

You can either have a single photo that displays your restaurant’s specialty or a rotation of dazzling pictures to be a constant billboard advertisement for your restaurant. With custom signage that includes pictures or graphics, you’re more likely to encourage people to give your restaurant a try. 

Get Custom Restaurant Signage from National Signs 

With over 40 years of experience designing, manufacturing, and installing custom signs, we understand the importance of providing business owners with signage that stands out in bold ways, especially for restaurants. If your restaurant needs exciting and engaging outdoor signs, National Signs can help!

Our custom signs offer your business the chance to make a positive first impression and entice customers at any time of day. We create outdoor restaurant signage that brings your vision to life, incorporating your specific branding, colors, fonts, and style together in a seamless way. 

We offer all types of signs for restaurant exteriors, including: 

  • Channel letters
  • Metal hanging signs
  • Monument signs
  • Post and panel signage
  • Pylon signs
  • LED displays

View our gallery to discover our wide array of restaurant signage solutions. Or contact us today to discuss your sign needs!