Monument digital sign for Webb’s Automotive in Texas.

Our Corporate Digital Signage Solutions for Multiple Locations

As your company grows and expands, you’ll need a reliable way to share consistent messaging across your sites or buildings. A digital display system solves this problem by providing modern, visible signage for your visitors and employees.

Let’s explore corporate digital signage solutions and how your business can consistently display custom content and engaging messages – whether for two buildings or a group of locations nationwide.

We’ll also look at the many different digital sign options available from National Signs, a leading provider of exceptional sign solutions for corporate entities.

What is Corporate Digital Signage? 

A static, standard sign can be a great way to highlight your business location, show your company name, or share important information. But these signs are usually permanent and not meant to be changed.

When your company needs to be able to change or update information at each physical location, you need access to corporate digital signage.

 There are lots of examples of effective digital signage for corporate brands, including:

  • Monument LED displays
  • Pylon LED signs
  • Post and panel LED displays
  • Interior digital screens
  • Outdoor advertising signs
  • Video walls

 A digital display gives your company the freedom and flexibility to update messaging and branding whenever you need to make a change — without having to spend time and money replacing old static signs. It’s a wise investment for companies that regularly need to post updates, share information, or support customer and employee engagement.

 You may have seen corporate digital signs outside a school campus displaying upcoming events, digital screens in your doctor’s waiting room promoting new medical procedures, or video walls in a corporate office with photos of forthcoming expansions. Digital screens can transform common areas of your property or offer interactive displays for daily use.

 Digital displays are regularly found in areas such as:

  • Property entrances
  • Building lobbies
  • Information desks and check-in kiosks
  • Waiting areas
  • Conference rooms
  • Shared workspaces
  • Elevators and hallways
  • Break rooms and corporate cafeterias
  • Security and operation control rooms

 These digital displays can work together to seamlessly promote your company or brand in innovative and captivating ways.

Advantages of Selecting Digital Sign Displays for Your Company

Corporate digital signage offers three distinct benefits to companies. 

1. Cohesive Branding Platform

Instead of using individual signs and separate messaging displays, a connected digital signage solution gives you the power to have a single method for promoting your brand. Digital signs and video walls give you a dynamic, bold way to share information relevant to your customers and workforce.

 With digital signage software, you can make sure each of your locations is marketing and promoting the business using the same kind of graphics and business style. This effort improves marketing efficiency by using one set of branding graphics or business promotions for display across all your locations instead of creating several individual ones.

 All types of industries can benefit from a digital signage platform, especially those with large properties, a group of buildings, or multiple locations. Industries that benefit most from unified digital signage include:

  • Hospitals and medical facilities
  • Schools and universities
  • Stadiums and performance venues
  • Corporate offices
  • Banks
  • Hotels
  • Restaurant chains
  • Multi-site churches campuses

 Suppose you need to monitor whether your company has consistent graphics and a cohesive look across all your locations and buildings. In that case, corporate digital signage is the ideal solution.

2. Custom Targeted Messaging

The beauty of digital signage is its unlimited range of display and content options, which can be tailored to your specific target audience. Digital displays and LED video walls allow you to directly market and promote your company in unique, eye-catching ways.

 Corporate digital displays are able to display targeted messages, including:

  • Upcoming events
  • New products or menu items
  • Improved services
  • Limited-time specials
  • Discounts for specific groups
  • Welcome messages for large groups
  • Company news and updates
  • Community news or messages

 Digital signs give you the opportunity to create real-time custom content in ways that are inventive and engaging for customers. Marketing messages can focus on upcoming seasons or events or attract specific groups of customers with discounts or limited-time specials.

 With digital signs in your properties, you eliminate the risk of having outdated or incorrect information displayed, which may create a negative impression of your business. 

3. Enhanced Engagement

Digital signage for corporate communications provides displays that encourage, motivate, and celebrate employees and their collective success. These signs are great at boosting company morale, spotlighting completed goals and milestones, and providing up-to-date internal communication that employees need most.

 A corporate digital sign system can be used to display a rotation of important information, such as:

  • Corporate news
  • Stock prices
  • HR information
  • Company events
  • Project updates
  • Training information
  • Safety guidelines
  • Employee spotlights

 Your company can enjoy a centralized, cloud-based messaging system that can be updated from anywhere in the country for instant updates for your workforce. When your team feels included in the company’s future and valued for their contributions, you can significantly strengthen company loyalty and reduce employee turnover.

For Effective Sign Solutions, Trust National Signs! 

Whether you need multiple outdoor signs that are uniform in their size and display capabilities, an entire sign system inside all your business locations, or a combination of both, National Signs can help!

We provide the corporate digital signage you need for bold and captivating displays on your property. With award-winning designs, expert craftsmanship, and professional and safe sign installation, we are your go-to solution.

 Contact National Signs today to request a quote on cohesive digital signage for each of your locations. Discover the difference great signage can make for your company.