Outdoor UHD sign by national signs, a sign company in houston, texas.

National Signs Unveils New UHD Campus Sign

The Marilyn Davies College of Business at the University of Houston Downtown (UHD) has a new look, thanks to National Signs. The College was renamed after the CEO of Bailey Banks Seismic following a $10 million gift. National Signs is proud to have played a part in the transition. The Marilyn Davies College of Business is the first business college in Texas to be named after a woman, and only the fourth in the nation.

A Sign of Change for University of Houston Downtown

A new sign, produced and installed by National Signs and unveiled in October 2017, features the UHD logo and the new name of the college. Ms. Davies was present for the history-making unveiling of the sign for the college that now bears her name. Watch the unveiling here.

At National Signs, we like to remind our clients that a sign is rarely just a sign. Signs reveal a lot about the mission and goals of a place. They can be a nod to history, or a promise of a bright future. That’s why we work so hard to get it right.

In the case of the Marilyn Davies College of Business, the sign was both an homage to the past and a sign of change for the future. More women than men now attend business school, yet the culture of these schools often remain heavily male-dominated—there are still so few schools named after women.

Davis is a graduate of South Texas Junior College, which later became a part of UHD. Our sign honored her past on the UHD campus while pointing to a future in which women are more visible in business—including as business school namesakes.

UHD’s sign shows clearly that women have a place everywhere business, including on the facade of leading business schools. We’re proud to have been a part of the change, and even prouder that Marilyn Davies herself got to witness it.

National Signs: A Trusted Sign Partner

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