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Need Digital Sign Repair? We’ve Got You Covered

Digital signs play a pivotal role in establishing your brand and interacting with customers, so they always need to be fully functional and look their best.

Since digital signage may need repairs or maintenance over time, choosing the right digital sign repair company can make a big difference in getting the most from your sign investment. Find out why you should turn to National Signs to ensure your signs are tip-top!

Why National Signs for Digital Sign Repair?

Discover three reasons why National Signs is the best company to hire for your sign maintenance and repair needs. Find out how our capable sign repair team will ensure your digital signage remains attractive and impactful throughout the year.

1. Trained Repair Experts

What sets National Signs apart from other types of sign repair service providers is that we can handle digital sign repair for a variety of signs:

  • Indoor informational display screens.
  • Digital walls.
  • Outdoor LED pylon signs.
  • Large-scale LED displays.
  • Many other types of digital displays!

Our sign repair team has extensive experience and training required to perform digital sign maintenance or repair, including:

  • Cracked or malfunctioning LED lights
  • Dirt and debris removal
  • Post or pylon maintenance
  • Monument sign repair or reinforcement
  • Sign retrofits or upgrades
  • Power supply failures
  • Sign repainting
  • Software upgrades
  • Sign or mounting adjustments

Digital signs are an essential investment for your company’s long-term success. With high-quality signage, your business will be able to reach target audiences for years to come! Because signage matters, choose a sign repair company that handles all your sign maintenance and repair needs.

2. Tools and Equipment for All Jobs

Effective sign repair involves more than just a team of skilled professionals. Those professionals need the right tools and equipment to perform repairs and maintenance correctly, safely, and efficiently.

Basic sign repair companies may lack the equipment, tools, and specialty vehicles needed to perform the full scope of the repair or sign maintenance. But the sign repair and maintenance team at National Signs has the equipment necessary to perform a full range of digital sign maintenance and repairs:

  • All types and sizes of LED bulbs
  • Replacement power sources
  • Specialty tools for large-scale signage repairs
  • Bucket trucks for taller sign access
  • Safety gear to access signage on multi-story buildings or pylon posts

3. Commitment to Total Customer Satisfaction

At National Signs, we understand that digital signage is one of the most important investments you can make to enhance your property, which is why prompt and professional digital sign repair matters.

As a one-stop sign design, manufacturing, and repair company, we strive to provide prompt turnaround times for all sign repair and maintenance projects, so your signage downtime is minimal.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction means using the highest quality materials and components for all signage and repairs. We never cut corners with any work we perform. Plus, we proudly back the quality of our work with a 5-year warranty on all parts, labor, and signage.

Let National Signs Handle Your Digital Sign Repairs

With the tools and equipment to service any kind of digital sign and the expertise to ensure work is performed correctly and safely, National Signs can provide exceptional LED sign repair and maintenance for any digital sign on your property.

We understand the importance of having dynamic and informative digital signage to present your business in the best possible way. Our trained sign experts will keep your digital signs in peak performance for years to come.

If you need to request a quote for digital sign repair services, contact National Signs today for more information. You can also schedule a visit with our sign repair team. Let us know how we can help!