One of our recent modern monument signs for the Centre At River Oaks

Modern Monument Signs: Trends for Your Business

Businesses across the country choose monument signs for their wide array of display and design options, from traditional and classic, minimal and sleek, to bold and colorful. These permanent, freestanding exterior signs are installed at eye-level near streets and property entrances to mark your business location, giving your business a dynamic and appealing appearance.

If your company wants to promote your brand in a bolder and more innovative way, consider choosing updated and modern monument signage over the more standard monument signs. Learn about some of the newest modern monument sign trends your business can adopt for an eye-catching display.

Varying Sign Heights

One way to achieve a more modern monument appearance is to skip the standard height of a typical monument sign and choose a much taller, prominent sign look. A large-scale monument sign conveys professionalism while establishing your business presence within the surrounding community.

Vertical monument signs have grown in popularity because they offer increased visibility and can become an area landmark. Taller monument signs draw visitor eyes to specific areas of the property and towards your business to create a lasting first impression.

Innovative Textures and Materials

A single sign can set the tone of your property and establish your company aesthetic immediately. Your monument sign can have a modern look by using innovative textures or using unique combinations of materials for a sign that stands out and captivates.

For example, your modern monument sign can incorporate new types of masonry textures and designs, different materials that capture light and shadows in a new way, or unique stone shapes or brick colors. In addition, you can use a contrast of textures and materials such as brushed metal and stone together to create a bold and eye-catching look.

Incorporate LED Lights

Your company’s monument sign will stand out through the addition of LED lights on your sign, offering a dramatic and bright illuminated look with a high level of visibility throughout any kind of weather condition or time of day. LED lights can be used as part of your custom monument sign to display the business name, logo, and other information, or they can be used as decorative lights or to create bold shadows.

Monument signs with LED lights offer your business the opportunity to create tailored messaging and advertising to target audiences or highlight upcoming events or programs. Also, they make your signage more inclusive to all visitors and can offer a bright welcome to customers and visitors.

Artistic Elements

Monument signs can reach new heights of beauty and effectiveness by adding artistic elements to your specific sign design. Stunning architectural effects and breathtaking artistic designs can elevate your sign and make it a cornerstone of your entire commercial property.

Artistic elements that modernize your monument sign include unique shapes, 3-D logos, water features, intentional landscape integration, statues, and metal cutouts and lights that use negative space for a dramatic effect.

National Signs Creates Modern Monument Signs

National Signs has decades of experience designing, creating, and installing monument signs for companies across the country, and can provide the sleek, modern, and professional monument sign that meets your specific business needs.

We take the time to design and create monument signs that perfectly reflect your business identity and style for a unique and bold look. We utilize the latest manufacturing technology to create exterior signs that are made to withstand harsh weather conditions while maintaining their appearance and functionality.

To view examples of our full range of modern monument signs, visit our gallery today.