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Do LED Signs Increase Business Results? Yes!

Do LED signs increase business results? It’s a question we often hear from potential customers. The answer is a resounding yes. LED signs educate people about your business. They attract attention from people who are seeking the services and products you offer, but who might never otherwise learn about your business. Don’t be fooled by the small upfront investment. LED signs can make you lots of money over time.

Signs: Attracting New Customers, Reminding Old Customers

You already know what makes your business unique. Perhaps it’s your one-of-a-kind products, your world-class customer service team, your commitment to community service, or even all of the above.

But do potential customers know?

No matter how great your business is, people can’t patronize it if they can’t find it (or worse, don’t know it exists). Moreover, current customers may become very loyal lifelong customers if they learn a bit more about your business–such as that you volunteer in your community or donate some profits to charity.

The right sign can:

  • Introduce new customers to your business.
  • Introduce a need a customer didn’t even realize they had, particularly if your products are new or unusual.
  • Remind previous customers why they chose your business.
  • Bring back customers who have chosen a competitor.

Information About Your Culture and Mission

Who is your ideal customer? Are they shopping with you already? Do they even know you exist? The right LED sign provides both subtle and direct information about your culture and mission. A stark, simple sign can attract customers who prefer a minimalist aesthetic or who want to save money. Beautiful sign architecture may draw in luxury purchasers. The right LED display can tell customers things they never knew about your company.

The only limit on how your LED sign can inform customers and attract new business is your imagination. So imagine how a new crop of customers can elevate your bottom line.

Signs: A Research-Supported Option

It’s not just our opinion. The right sign is a scientific way to draw in new business. A recent FedEx office survey highlights just how valuable signs can be:

  • 76% of consumers have tried a new business based on its sign.
  • 68% of consumers see a store’s sign as a reflection of its products, services, and overall quality.
  • 68% of consumers have purchased an unfamiliar product because of a sign.
  • 48% of consumers are unwilling to enter a store if its sign is poorly worded or misspelled.
  • 60% of consumers are not willing to shop at a business that lacks a sign.

A University of Connecticut study arrived at similar conclusions. Two-thirds or businesses in that survey reported that changes to their sign improved sales. Both consumers and businesses said that legibility was the most important characteristic of a sign, with about a third of businesses adding that branding is the single most important component of marketing a business.

Signs draw in customers you might never before have attracted. Investing in a sign is investing in more business.

Cost-Benefit Analysis of LED Signs to Increase Business Results

Savvy business owners are always wary of new expenses. After all, if you throw your money at every marketing scheme that comes your way, you’ll quickly find you have nothing left. So if you’re hesitant to spend a lot on signs, you’re not alone.

Consider how much money a sign can make you over time. We think you’ll find that, no matter how much you pay for a sign, you’ll quickly make up for it with new customers and greater revenues. Don’t believe us? Then ask one of our many happy sign clients. Check out some of National Signs previous work here. Now think about what these signs could do for your business.

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