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Is It Time to Upgrade Your Custom Post and Panel Signs?

A custom post and panel sign is a great choice for your business because of its visibility and longevity. However, there may come a time when you need to upgrade your custom post and panel signage for things such as new branding, changes to your place of business, or other circumstances that necessitate physical changes to signs.

It’s no problem for our sign company, though, as we can easily handle changes to custom post and panel signs.

How Can Custom Post and Panel Signs Be Enhanced?

Post and panel signs are typically used outdoors in places where they can be spotted easily, like near the edges of sidewalks, roadways, or parking lots. Post and panel signs are great for identifying buildings, directing guests to parking lots, and supporting pedestrian wayfinding.

At National Signs, we have almost 30 years of experience designing, installing, and upgrading post and panel signs for our customers. These signs are completely customizable, from the material to the colors to the size of the logo. Every client has different needs for their business, and we ensure that each need is carefully addressed.

There are several factors that go into the decision of whether or not to upgrade your sign. It’s important to keep your signage up to date and looking good throughout its use. We pride ourselves on making sure this is the case with our maintenance and repair services. Here are just a few reasons why it may be time to enhance your post and panel signage.

1. Updates to Marketing and Branding

Often, clients need to change their signage because their marketing team has decided to make some updates. Let’s say your company just underwent a massive rebranding. The company’s signature logo, colors, or fonts may change. We can help upgrade the panels on your signs to make them more cohesive with the company’s new aesthetic.

Taking this step helps alleviate the problem of having a mixture of old and new branding, leading to an unprofessional look. Be sure to keep your signage consistent with the rest of your company’s branding elements!

Another common scenario post and panel signs need to be updated is when a business is acquired or has merged with another company. Sometimes this process can take a while, but it is best to plan your new signage as soon as you can. That way, when the new business name, logo, and branding are established, your post and panel signs will be ready to go when it’s time to unveil the new look to the public.

2. Additional Goods or Services

If your business has added new elements, such as a brand new service, you’ll want to promote it across all signage! Suppose you own a bar, but you recently started a dining service as well. You may want to change your signage to say “Bar & Restaurant.” You may even want to add new post and panel signs to support wayfinding to your curbside pickup area.

Another example is if you own a car lot and you recently started selling a new make or model of vehicle. You may want to add the logo or emblem to the signage.

A multitude of examples like this would prompt you to add or change your custom post and panel signage. It’s always best to stay one step ahead when it comes to showcasing what your business has to offer. Don’t leave anything to the imagination. Make sure your sign says it all in a cohesive manner!

3. Support for Wayfinding

As we mentioned before, wayfinding is one very common use for post and panel signage. It’s important to make sure the directions remain accurate and helpful! Perhaps your business or organization is on a campus with multiple buildings. If a new building is added, or if the building’s name or purpose has changed, then you’ll need to update your signage in order to assist with wayfinding.

You may require a new map, a new entrance sign, a new label for the parking lot, or additional guiding arrows. Make sure people are pointed in the correct direction by updating your signs to align with any changes to buildings at your place of business.

4. Recurring Events

There are certain instances where a post and panel sign may need to be updated annually or on a set schedule. This mostly happens at venues that host events such as a yearly festival. Post and panels are a great option to address this need, as they have the characteristics of a permanent sign that looks professional but still gives you the option to change out time-based elements when needed.

5. Weather-Related Incidents

One unfortunate factor that can result in clients needing to upgrade their post and panel signage is Mother Nature. Weather can be unpredictable and can wreak havoc on outdoor signage in Houston, no matter how sturdy it may be. This can be a reason for the replacement of parts or sometimes the entire sign.

Being based in Houston, we have seen plenty of signs damaged by named weather events. If this happens to your signage, we can help you determine whether a new part is required or if the entire sign needs to be addressed. If the full sign needs to be replaced, we will work diligently to make sure the new post and panel sign is fabricated and installed for you in no time.

Weather is also notorious for making a sign dirty or dingy over time. Wind can blow dirt and dust onto your signage, leaving it looking dull. Even if it’s not damaged, your sign may be in need of some TLC. We can help with that! Our maintenance team is happy to assist by assessing the situation. We offer repainting and cleaning services to update your sign and get it back to looking as good as new.

Contact Us To Upgrade Your Custom Post and Panel Sign

If your custom post and panel sign is in need of repair, replacement, or repainting, we have you covered! Whether we installed your original sign or not, we would love to help. National Signs is a single point of contact for any updates or upgrades you could possibly need. We’ll help keep your sign looking its best at all times.

Our team develops custom-tailored sign solutions to keep your branding at peak visual performance over the life of your sign. We tailor our sign maintenance services to the specific needs of your company or organization.

Contact National Signs to schedule a consultation today. We can discuss the scope of work required to upgrade your custom post and panel signs, then set out on the path to making sure your signage is on point again!