National Signs fabricates indoor business signs for companies like NeoGenomics in Houston, Texas

Showcasing Our Designs – Indoor Business Signs in Houston

We all know the benefits of having a great outdoor sign for your business – to help people find your location, advertise special deals, and make a statement. But what about the INSIDE of your business location? Having great signage indoors is just as important!

Since 1992, National Signs has provided turnkey commercial signage services to leading businesses and organizations. We understand the importance of indoor business signs to send the right message about your company.

Whether it’s helping visitors with wayfinding in your building or making an impactful impression in the waiting area, indoor signs are a great tool to communicate with guests, customers, vendors, and even employees.

Examples of Our Indoor Business Signs in Houston

Here are a few examples of the indoor wall signs that we have created for some of our awesome clients in the Houston area.

Deer Park Emergency Services


Check out the photo of indoor signage we created for Deer Park Emergency Services, located at 2211 East X Street in Deer Park, Texas.

Above the reception area, you’ll see signage that tells visitors all of the different departments that are located at the building, including:

  • The Volunteer Fire Department
  • Emergency Medical Services
  • The Fire Marshal’s office
  • The Office of Emergency Management

“Deer Park Emergency Services” is in a larger font and arches over the top of the sign, while the various departments that fall under that umbrella are listed underneath it. The clean lines and simple features of this sign pop against the red wall behind it. The classic design of this sign matches well with the needs of this organization.

As opposed to advertising, this signage is used more for informational purposes and ensuring that visitors know they’re in the right place.


In our Gallery, you will also find a photo of the indoor business sign we created for NeoGenomics. NEOGENOMICS INTERIOR

NeoGenomics is a premier cancer diagnostics and pharma services company serving oncologists, pathologists, pharmaceutical companies, academic centers, and others with innovative diagnostic, prognostic and predictive testing. We are proud to have provided both outdoor and indoor signage for this particular customer.

The sign is made of channel letters, meaning each letter is cut out and attached to the wall behind it individually. This creates more dimension and visual complexity. To the left of the letters, you’ll see the company’s logo in colors that match the name.

As you can see, this sign is affixed above the reception desk and helps create a window-like effect. This is an example of one of our bolder indoor signs that really makes a statement.


Zurvita 1

Another indoor sign featured in our Gallery is a sign we made for Zurvita. Zurvita is a global direct sales company centered on health and wellness. While they have consultants all over the country, this sign is located at their headquarters in Houston’s CityCentre.

This is another example of a sign that utilizes channel letters – this time with illumination behind each letter. The light helps create a shadow effect that makes the shining silver color of the sign stand out.

Their Z-like logo is large and centered above the company’s name, which really reinforces the branding. This sign is perfect for a company focused on sales!

Indoor Business Signs Customizable for Your Needs

If you’re looking for indoor business signs, National Signs has you covered. We can customize your signage any way you’d like. Do you want your logo included? Do you want it illuminated? Do you want your brand’s colors incorporated? Whatever works best for your business needs – we can make it happen.

We have a fully-integrated team to support the design, fabrication, installation, service, and maintenance of your signage. Backed by our expert project management team, we can efficiently handle even the most complex signage projects.

Check out our gallery for some ideas and inspiration, then give us a call to discuss what you’re looking for! Let National Signs help bring your indoor sign vision to life to support your business.