Modern outdoor signage for the Capital One Bank by National Signs.

Incorporate Modern Outdoor Signage in Building Design Plans

When architects and building designers craft their design plans, it’s important to keep in mind where outdoor signs should fit into the building exterior. Capturing each client’s essence through modern outdoor signage can maximize the appeal and functionality of the finished space.

Let’s explore how professionals responsible for building designs can implement the latest outdoor sign ideas into their plans. Also, learn how National Signs can partner with you to develop spectacular sign concepts that will help your clients.

Modern Outdoor Signage From National Signs 

Outdoor signage can come in all shapes and sizes. Working with National Signs can help you determine the right type of signage to fit into a given space.

Whether you are designing a new athletic facility, healthcare complex, or retail storefront, National Signs can help you select the right signage style for each project. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most popular outdoor sign solutions.

Channel Letter Signs 

Channel letter signs are one of the most versatile signage styles available for modern spaces. Channel letters are 3D letters that are mounted to a building’s facade to spell out the name of a business. They can also be used to display slogans, mottos, and contact information.

Channel letters commonly feature LED lighting components to improve their visibility and achieve a more modern, sophisticated look. Channel letters can be installed in a few different ways: 

  • Raceway-Mounted
  • Direct-Mounted
  • Backer-Mounted

Adding LED lighting features is a great way to maximize the value and visibility of a channel letter sign. And different lighting approaches can change the overall aesthetic of the sign. For these types of projects, we typically recommend face and reverse-lit channel letters.

Monument Signs 

Monument signs are an extremely sophisticated signage style that can be used to denote the entrance to a business’s location. Monument signs are often located at the front of a parking lot or courtyard and can be used to help passersby locate the right facility or storefront – whether they are on foot or in a vehicle.

These types of signs are generally constructed from highly durable materials like stone, so they can stand up to extreme weather conditions and variations in climate. It is also possible to illuminate monument signage with various LED lighting components, which can help them to remain visible even during the evening hours.

Since many businesses operate after dark, it’s important to consider whether it makes sense to incorporate illuminated signage into your building design plans.

Digital Signage

Digital signage is quickly becoming one of the most popular signage approaches for modern buildings. Digital signs offer your clients a high degree of control over what is displayed at their place of business because they can regularly change and update the public-facing messaging. 

National Signs can incorporate digital displays into several different styles of outdoor signage –  like pylon signs, for example – allowing you to use a combination of signage solutions that will support your design plans.

In addition to sharing standard information like a business’s name and operating hours, digital signs can be used to display all kinds of information and content. For example, a large LED display can play a high-quality version of your client’s most recent video ad. LED screens can also be used to display important notices or share information about upcoming events.

National Signs: The Full Package for Modern Outdoor Signage

National Signs specializes in designing custom signage products for projects covering nearly every industry. Our design team can help architects and building designers incorporate high-impact signage into building design plans to elevate the finished product for clients.

Quality comes first at National Signs, which is why we offer a 5-year guarantee on all parts, labor, and signage. With National Signs at the wheel, you can rest assured that any modern outdoor signage incorporated into the building plans will make a statement.

If you’re interested in partnering with National Signs to help you secure the right style of outdoor signage for your clients, reach out today to speak with a member of our team. Let’s schedule a design consultation to discuss your next project.