How to afford the church monuments signs of your dreams!

How to Afford Church Monument Signs

For people searching for nearby churches or places of worship, monument signs are an excellent way to help clearly identify church properties.  For many congregations, church monument signs are an affordable, elegant solution for welcoming parishioners and visitors to their church and highlighting their place in the community.

We’ll answer three important questions for churches and other places of worship in need of signage solutions for their congregation:

  • What are monument signs?
  • Why do churches use monument signs?
  • What makes monument signs affordable?  

What Are Monument Signs?

Monument signs are freestanding outdoor signs displaying important information, such as the church name and denomination.  Some churches may also display the pastor’s name, service days, and service times on their monument signs.

Church signs are typically installed next to the street or driveway to help people locate the church property.  They are usually lower to the ground and will often have outdoor lights installed and pointed at the monument sign for increased visibility at night.

Why Do Churches Use Monument Signs?

Churches choose monument signs for their wide variety of sign design options and straightforward messaging.  These permanently installed signs improve visibility in the community and promote the church in a distinct and appealing way.

Monument signs can be simple signs with permanently installed lettering. They can also have LED displays added in the middle to offer contact information, promote services and sermon topics, or share news and upcoming events.  Churches also enjoy the ease of being able to quickly and easily change messages or post updates from any location, compared to changeable letter signs that can be time-consuming to change or repair.

Church monument signs can also be designed and installed to ensure compliance with local zoning regulations while enhancing curb appeal.  This ensures that church signage adds value to the neighboring community and is a welcome addition to the surrounding area.

What Makes Monument Signs Affordable?

Monument signs are affordable for churches because they can fit any church budget and are constructed from strong, long-lasting materials, reducing long-term maintenance and repair costs.  They’re designed and installed to withstand severe weather and harsh conditions over a long period of time, and when combined with LED displays, they offer churches flexibility and visibility with their messaging and styling in ways that basic signs cannot.

The typical church monument sign is constructed from inexpensive and durable materials, such as:

  • Brick
  • Wood
  • Stone
  • Stucco

Because these materials are made to last, they’re good investments for churches instead of plastic changeable letter signs that can be defaced or damaged easily.

Monument signs that also have LED displays offer even more options for churches to promote services and events.  LED signs can include bold colors, eye-catching graphics and video, and bright visibility in evening hours or during fog or heavy rain.

How To Raise Funds for A Church Monument Sign

Churches in need of new or improved signage solutions may want to add a monument sign to their property but might not have room in their budget to pay for the added expense.  To raise funds for a monument sign, there are several options churches can consider:

  • Invite church members to contribute through tithes or offerings
  • Hold silent auctions or fundraising raffles with donated prizes and services
  • Review existing utility or landscaping contracts to identify unnecessary fees or comparison shop for better rates
  • Rent out unused gyms, conference rooms, or office space on an hourly basis during the week to nearby businesses

Through strategic fundraising opportunities, churches can have the eye-catching, professional signage they need without straining their annual budget or accumulating debt.

National Signs Offers Church Signage Solutions

National Signs is a leading provider of top-quality, visually appealing signs in a variety of styles, colors, and shapes.  We help churches across the country stand out and gain visibility with church monument signs that are welcoming and engaging.

Contact us to request a quote today to learn more about how your church can afford church monument signs.