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How Often Should Sign Cleaning Be Performed?

Business signs are the face of your company, welcoming customers while promoting your business brand. Because they’re installed in prominent locations and serve essential roles, you want to ensure they look their best through regular cleanings.

Discover the importance of sign cleaning, why your signs need regular cleaning and maintenance, and how often you should give your signs a nice touch-up.

Why Business Signs Need to Look Their Best

Your outdoor signs are an essential investment, and routine cleanings preserve their visual appeal, functionality, and longevity. Sign maintenance ensures that your signs are always bright, clean, and visible from a distance and that all electrical components are working correctly.

When people see dirt, pollen, leaves, and the occasional bird nest on your exterior sign, it can create a negative impression about your company and its professionalism. Sign build-up that is left unaddressed for too long may lead to damage such as:

  • Discolored acrylic sign panels
  • Interruptions in sign functions
  • Damage to electrical components
  • Increase of birds and small rodents nesting inside

Also, your business may have various signs, and they all need to be visible and functional to help people navigate their way safely across your property. In addition to supporting your big-ticket signage, any wayfinding signs, safety signs, or informational signs should all be cleaned and maintained on a regular basis.

How Often to Clean Business Signs

Sign cleaning should ideally be performed every quarter or annually, depending on the type of signage on your property. Signs lower to the ground or signs with electrical components, like LED displays or halo-lit storefront signage, may need more frequent and thorough cleanings to protect the sign structure and technology.

Your business relies on people being able to see your signs, so sign cleaning should be part of your regular business maintenance and upkeep.

Three Common Causes of Sign Buildup

Every type of outdoor sign eventually needs to be cleaned or undergo routine sign maintenance to keep them in peak performance and protect their curb appeal. Whether your business signs are metal post and panel signs, brick monument signs, tall pylon LED signs, or traditional channel letter storefront signs, all will need a good cleaning.

Signs typically need a thorough cleaning for three main reasons:

1. Dirt and Grass Buildup

Dirt, dust, pollen, and grime will build up on signs over time, and they do more than just diminish the appeal of your outdoor signs. The dirt and dust can actually damage your signs if left too long, and simply using a pressure washer or blower to remove dirt and debris may scratch the surface of your signage.

It’s common for landscapers to blow grass, leaves, and dirt after cutting grass, and this can quickly build up onto monument signs and other signs close to ground level. Removing dirt and grass debris helps your signage remain clean and visible to anyone passing by your property.

2. High Winds or Stormy Weather

A strong windstorm or severe weather can leave behind leaves, tree branches, and other tree waste on your signs. These should be removed as soon as possible to prevent cracks, scratches, or further structural damage to your outdoor signage.

Exterior signs should also be inspected after stormy weather to ensure sign panels are secure, electrical components are functional, and all support structures are stable. This effort can prevent any possible accidents or injuries stemming from damaged signs.

3. Bird, Rodent, or Pest Debris

Finally, your outdoor signage can attract birds, bugs, and other small animals that might find your signs a warm and hospitable place to set up a nest. Not addressing the situation can lead to a build-up of nesting materials and animal droppings, and animals and rodents can chew into wiring and damage acrylic sign panels.

Scheduling routine sign cleaning can prevent unwanted creatures from making a home inside and around your outdoor signs. It can also help keep these pests and bugs from entering your main buildings or causing additional property damage.

Get Professional Sign Cleaning from National Signs

Outdoor signs are an integral part of how your company presents itself to the public, so your signs should always give off a clean, bright, and professional appearance.

National Signs understands the importance of having attractive and functional signs, and our experienced sign service and maintenance team can help keep your signage in peak working condition.

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