How Much Does A Pylon Sign Cost? The answer depends on many variables.

How Much Does A Pylon Sign Cost?

When your business needs a tall, prominent, and sturdy sign to display your name and logo, pylon signs can help your company stand out from among the crowd. Pylon signs are an effective way to identify your business and create a lasting impression, but they can come at a higher cost than typical business signage.

Discover how much a pylon sign costs and the factors that can significantly impact the final price tag for your business.

How Much Do Pylon Signs Cost?

Companies have a wide range of business sign options, from plywood signs, fabricated storefront letters, awning signs, neon signs, pole signs, monument signs, and everything in between. The larger the sign, the more your company should expect to pay because of the increase in materials involved in manufacturing and installing the sign.

Pylon signs are some of the largest, tallest business signs on the market.They are a popular choice because of their exceptional visibility from long distances away and ability to promote a brand successfully. The average cost of pylon signs can range from $10,000 to $200,000, but they are an effective investment for all businesses and industries.

There are three primary factors that impact the total cost of a pylon sign for your business:

1. Size and Height

Pylon signs are ideal for companies that need maximum visibility, particularly those located near busy freeways or shopping centers. Depending on the intended sign location and specific business needs, these signs can start at 10 feet and go upwards of 100 feet.

Your business can opt for multiple support posts for taller pylon signs or single pole signs for a lower overall cost. As the width, height, and overall support structure increase, so will the total cost for the pylon sign.

Sign sizes may be restricted if your business is located near a residential area or local zoning ordinances restrict certain sized business signage. For signs needed near interstates or busy roadways, your business may be allowed to construct a much taller pylon sign, particularly in areas where visibility may be compromised because of roadway designs, large trees, or changes in elevation.

2. Specific Signage Needs

One of the major benefits of choosing pylon signs for your business needs is that they offer a vast array of functionality and design options to ensure your signs perfectly reflect your business brand and style. Although many companies choose pylon signs for their property, they may all have different signage needs and design specifications, affecting the total signage price.

Signage display options for pylon signs include:

  • Single or multiple acrylic sign panels
  • Neon light or LED displays
  • Sign cabinets for lights and wiring
  • Multiple sign colors
  • Multi-sign displays 

For example, your company may opt for a sleek, sophisticated pylon sign that displays the business name and logo elegantly and straightforwardly, or you may want a bold, bright LED pylon sign to display announcements, upcoming events, or eye-catching graphics. As your sign increases in complexity or functionality, the total price for pylon signage will increase as well.

3. Materials and Architectural Accents

Pylon signs can be created from a wide variety of materials and may include stunning architectural accents that enhance their visual appeal and effectiveness. The price for pylon signage can vary significantly depending on the sign’s materials, installation materials, support structures, and future maintenance costs.

Pylon costs are based on the cost of sign manufacturing and installation, which can include:

  • Concrete for signage base
  • Metal pole supports
  • Sign letters, panels, or LED displays
  • Electronic components
  • Electrical or solar-powered energy wiring
  • Architectural accents
  • Spotlight illuminations and accent lighting
  • Soil excavation for installation

In addition, LED display options can further enhance the appearance and appeal of a pylon sign, but they may require regular maintenance to ensure the signs are in good working condition throughout the year.

National Signs Provides Pylon Sign Solutions

If your company needs a clear, prominent, and effective way to display your business name across a long distance or in a prominent location, National Signs can help with our pylon sign solutions. We have decades of experience providing impactful and durable pylon signs to businesses of all industries, including retail, healthcare, educational facilities, office buildings, sporting areas, performance venues, and more.

Your pylon sign should perfectly promote your business brand while also being a positive focal point of the property. Our team of signage design and manufacturing experts can create pylon signs that boldly establish your presence in the community and create positive first impressions to all who pass by your property.

Request a quote today to learn about the pylon sign options that will work best for your specific business and industry needs and how much a pylon sign will cost.