How Are Custom Channel Letters Installed?

Whether you’re planning to open a new business or are looking to give your current storefront a makeover, there’s no shortage of exterior signage options to choose from.

When choosing effective signage for your building, it’s essential to carefully consider what message you’re hoping to convey to prospective and returning customers. When surveyed, consumers regularly report that the readability of exterior signage is often a major deciding factor when choosing whether or not to visit a new business.

For this reason, channel letter signs are a go-to signage option for businesses across a wide range of industries, especially using custom channel letters to really make your business pop. Take a look at this information about channel letter signs and how they are installed.

What are Custom Channel Letters?

Channel letters are a straightforward style of building signage. In essence, they are individually-crafted letters that can be arranged to spell out a business’s name or convey other information to customers. Because channel letters are constructed individually, it’s easy to repair or replace one letter at a time without taking the entire sign out of commission.

Channel letters can be crafted from a number of different materials, but they are often constructed from a combination of aluminum and acrylic components. The letters comprise acrylic faces, metal bases, and a metal trim cap that holds the components together.

The materials used to craft the channel letter elements are highly durable and do not readily rust or fade. For this reason, channel letter signs are a great option for businesses located in areas with highly variable weather conditions and climates.

Because of their versatility, visibility, and overall utility, channel letter signs with custom letters tend to make a solid first impression on customers and give business owners a significant return on their investment. Channel letters are also relatively easy to install and maintain, making them a great signage option for businesses – both new and established.

Are There Illuminated Channel Letters?

Yes, channel letters can be illuminated with neon or LED lights to improve visibility. We typically use face and reverse-lit channel letters so they can be viewed from great distances, especially during evening hours.

An illuminated channel letter sign is a great signage option for businesses that operate after dark such as restaurants, bars, and performance venues.

Many business owners prefer to use LED lighting components in their signage due to their energy-efficient nature. Investing in more energy-efficient lighting elements can help to reduce utility costs, which is excellent for a business’s bottom line. Plus, LED bulbs are low maintenance because they don’t require frequent replacement.

Business owners also enjoy the look of face and reverse-lit channel letters. These letters use exposed LED lightbulbs to create an industrial, marquee-like look. These lighted signs may best be used for interior signage purposes, however, because their lighting components are more directly exposed to the elements.

Channel Letter Installation 

Channel letter signs can be installed in different ways depending on a business’s needs and capabilities. Here are the most common methods for mounting channel letter signs: 

  • Raceway mounted: All channel letters will be fixed to one large metal box in this mounting approach. This box typically contains the power supply and electrical wiring for any LED lighting components. The box can be attached directly to the building’s facade for ease of installation, maintenance, and repair.
  • Backer mounted: This installation option involves mounting the channel letters to a metal backer panel. The panel may be used to hide electrical wiring elements and is commonly designed to blend in with the channel letters in order to create a more seamless look.
  • Direct mounted: In this approach, individual channel letters are attached to a building’s exterior. Each letter remains separate from the others and any electrical wiring will be run through the wall to keep the various elements concealed. This mounting approach allows the channel letters to lay more flush with the building’s facade and create a polished final look.

Consider Channel Letter Installation From National Signs

Business owners looking for a trustworthy signage partner can rely on National Signs. We are one of the country’s leading interior and exterior building signage providers because we offer unparalleled end-to-end support throughout each step of the signage process.

Our in-house design, manufacturing, installation, and project management teams ensure that every custom channel letters signage project is completed the first time correctly. 

  • The process begins with a design consultation intended to help you select and create the style of signage that best suits your business’s needs.
  • Our project management team works hand-in-hand with the engineering team to ensure that all signage components are constructed to be long-lasting, safe, and compliant with all local ordinances and signage guidelines.
  • Our engineering team personally signs off on our signage projects to attest to their safety and security, so you can rest assured that your signage can withstand the test of time.
  • We will handle the installation of all signage components to maximize longevity and durability.

We know that our clients depend on our signage expertise to help them connect with customers. That’s why we stand behind our parts, labor, and signage with a 5-year warranty.

To learn more about custom channel letters or other exterior signage styles from National Signs, view our gallery of past signage projects. Or, reach out to us today to schedule a consultation with an expert member of our team.