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How An Illuminated Sign Can Benefit Non-Profits

Are you a non-profit in need of a bright idea? To effectively serve the public, you need to make your presence known. One of the best ways to expand your reach and establish yourself as an active ally to your community is to invest in resources like high-quality exterior signage.

Building signage is one of the most valuable tools at a non-profit leader’s disposal for getting their organization’s message across. That’s why it’s essential to invest in effective, attractive signage.

National Signs can take your signage to the next level through our illuminated sign solutions. Find out how we can help your non-profit stand out from the crowd.

What are Illuminated Signs?

When it comes to selected building signage, there’s no shortage of styles from which to choose. Some common exterior signage varieties include the following:

    • Post and panel signs: These signs consist of a large sign face that is supported by one or more posts. Post and panel signs are freestanding and typically placed at or near eye level to make it easy for passersby to read the information on the sign face. 
    • Monument signs: Monument signs are often placed at the entrance to a business or campus to convey the organization’s name. These signs are large and quite sturdy and sit relatively low to the ground rather than being mounted on posts or pylons. 
    • Pylon signs: A pylon sign is similar to a post and panel sign, but pylon signs are generally manufactured to reach greater heights for maximum visibility. The sign face is typically mounted on a very tall support pylon, so the sign can be viewed from great distances, such as from a highway off-ramp.
    • Channel letter signs: Channel letters are an extremely popular signage style because they are versatile. Channel letters are individual letters that spell out the name of an organization and are mounted to a building’s facade.

The question is: how do you maximize the impact of these popular signage styles? One of the easiest ways to amp up your exterior signage is by incorporating lighted components into your signs.

Each of the signage styles outlined above can be improved with just a few simple lighting elements. Let’s shed some light on these popular sign solutions.

Post and Panel Signs

Post and panel signs are less likely to be illuminated, but that doesn’t mean it’s not possible to add lighting components to a sign of this variety.

For example, an informational bulletin post and panel sign can be outfitted with LED lights inside the glass frame to make information about your non-profit visible during the evening hours.

Some higher-tech post and panel options can also feature lighting components beneath the surface of the sign face to illuminate the information from within.

Monument Signs

Monument signs are a good choice for organizations looking to elevate the quality of their signage. The lettering on the face of a monument sign can be illuminated in a few different ways to keep your organization’s name visible and at the forefront from morning until night.

An entire monument sign can also be illuminated with LED floodlights or in-ground well lights.

Pylon Signs 

Pylon signs are very commonly illuminated via internal LED lights. It’s particularly important to add lighting components to a pylon sign because these signs are intended to be viewed from a great distance.

Lighting up the sign face can improve the sign’s visibility at any time of day and help visitors to more readily locate your facility after the sun has set.

Channel Letter Signs

Channel letters are often illuminated in order to improve their visibility. They can be lit in a few different ways. Typically, we encourage our clients to select face and reverse-lit channel letters that are easy to incorporate into a design, install, and maintain.

Why Invest in Illuminated Signage?

Illumination sounds like a great idea, but why should you invest your organization’s funds in this signage option?

Low-quality signs or hard-to-read building signs can negatively impact the average community member’s impression of an organization. Lighted signs are an excellent tool for improving the visibility of a non-profit organization.

The public wants to be able to take advantage of your services, but to do so, they must be able to easily locate your place of business. Illuminated signs also project an air of sophistication and can help to improve public perception of your organization. 

When you partner with a professional signage provider like National Signs for your illuminated signage projects, you not only receive top-quality design, manufacturing, and installation services, but you receive easy access to ongoing maintenance and repair services.

Working with us to properly maintain your lighted signage can help to increase its lifespan and provide a greater return on your initial investment while continuing to attract new and old visitors to your organization.

Many illuminated signs are also designed with energy efficiency in mind, so you can get more mileage out of your signage with less month-to-month overhead. Older signage styles like LED boards often burn through large amounts of energy and require ongoing maintenance in order to remain fully operational. All of these costs can add up over time and substantially cut into a non-profit’s carefully-balanced budget.

Where Can I Get An Illuminated Sign?

National Signs is a leading provider of signage solutions for non-profit organizations in Texas and across the country. We are a full-service signage partner capable of handling every step of the signage process.

Non-profit leaders can turn to our team for help designing, manufacturing, and installing the right signage style for their organization. Furthermore, our in-house project management team works hard to ensure that all signage products are built to last and installed safely and correctly the first time.

National Signs offers clients a single point of contact throughout your sign project, helping streamline the process of requesting maintenance or repair of their signage solutions. We also provide a 5-year guarantee on all parts, labor, and products, so clients can rest assured that their signage will continue to appeal to their community for years to come.

Contact National Signs Today to Discuss Your Illuminated Sign Needs

Whether you’re looking to elevate your existing signage or implement a brand-new illuminated sign for your non-profit, National Signs can help you achieve the look you’re going for.

Reach out today to speak with a member of our team about how best to help your organization stand out from the crowd.