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Houston’s Village Plumbing & Air Installs A New LED Sign

Houston’s Village Plumbing & Air recently unveiled its new National Signs LED sign. The family-owned business, founded in 1946, previously had a decades-old sign. Thanks to an influx of business in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, it was time for a newly updated sign.

Village Plumbing & Air: Houston’s Favorite Plumber

Village Plumbing & Air has been a part of the Houston community for generations. Now owned by master plumber Monica Ryan, the company was originally founded by her father. When the company was first founded, its building was nestled on a tiny two-lane road. Now that road has become a bustling hub, and the influx of traffic demanded a new sign. Village Plumbing has become one of Houston’s most popular businesses, thanks in large part to its excellent customer service and commitment to a tradition of quality plumbing. In 2017, it won the Better Business Bureau’s Pinnacle Award, denoting a trusted business offering outstanding quality. Like many active businesses, Village Plumbing spends its time serving the community–not marketing itself. So it’s unsurprising that by the time everyone’s favorite plumber came to National Signs, their sign was a dilapidated old neon sign, with frequent outages.

Supporting the Post-Hurricane Harvey Rebuilding Effort

Hurricane Harvey changed everything for Texas. The wettest Atlantic hurricane ever measured, it dumped 27 trillion tons of rain over our state. It ultimately cost $125 billion in damages, and rebuilding efforts are ongoing. Village Plumbing has been a major part of that rebuilding effort. Following Hurricane Harvey, the company received 1,000 calls in one day. An average day includes 200-300 calls. While stories about Hurricane Harvey have diminished in the media, companies like Village Plumbing continue to play a huge role in repairing the hurricane’s damage. They’re in the trenches, rebuilding the mess this natural disaster left behind. They knew they needed a new sign to reach the most people. “Reliability and customer service-wise, knowing what we’d be getting is why we chose them,” said Kelli Victorian. Ultimately, a quality commercial sign can save you money, even if it’s a little more expensive at first. Village Plumbing knew they could gain more customers with a quality sign, and that they’d ultimately save money with a more efficient sign that offered comprehensive customer service and fewer outages.

How a New Sign Can Help Your Business

Village Plumbing’s old sign had become such an eyesore that employees couldn’t wait for the unveiling. They also knew the sign would appeal more to consumers, and work better for the location. With so many potential customers driving by, offering clear and specific information has been vital to Village Plumbing’s marketing strategy. And that marketing strategy continues to also play a vital role in the Hurricane Harvey rebuilding effort. So it’s not just about money; it’s also about providing important information to the community. Village Plumbing’s new display from National Signs will last for years, draw the attention of customers, and offer succinct, useful information. Like all National Signs customers, Village Plumbing can count on us to offer world-class customer service, elegant designs, and truly unique signage that captures what matters most about the business. Your sign matters. It’s a way to educate customers, to remind them that you’re there, and to draw in new business. After all, a customer can’t patronize a business they don’t know about. So invest in a quality sign that captures your business’s ethos today. National Signs can help. We offer signs at every price point, and for every business. Take a look through our gallery, then give us a call!