Government signage by National Signs for the Deer Park Police Department

Government Signage for Wayfinding: Help Citizens Access Resources

Government agencies fall under unique scrutiny when communicating with the public. Government buildings must project an air of modern sophistication to inspire public confidence in local government and ensure that government facilities are inclusive and accessible to all citizens.

Clear, effective government signage can help agencies better support the needs of the public while remaining compliant with critical accessibility standards and guidelines. The key is working with a company that can create signage that fits the unique needs of your municipality.

Read on to learn why National Signs is a leading provider of signs for government facilities. Also, see how our signage solutions can help your citizens more easily access important resources and services through effective wayfinding signs.

What is Government Signage?

Many government-operated spaces require exterior building signage to serve the public properly. Some examples of government facilities that benefit from clear, effective signage include:

  • City halls 
  • Courthouses 
  • Post offices 
  • Government offices 
  • Public safety buildings 
  • Parks and recreation facilities 
  • Maintenance facilities 
  • Parking structures

Each of these government-owned/operated public spaces needs to be properly outfitted with exterior signage to help the public find and access the services they seek.

For example, if a citizen has been asked to appear at the local courthouse, it’s critically important that the citizen can locate and navigate the judicial complex easily. Government signs can be used to clarify the location of the courthouse and direct the citizen to a specific courtroom or office.

What are Some Examples of Government Signs?

Many different signage styles can be used in government facilities. Here are a few examples of different government signage styles and some tips for incorporating each signage product effectively.

Wayfinding Signs

Wayfinding signs play a particularly critical role in ensuring that visitors to government facilities find the services they are looking for quickly, safely, and efficiently.

This type of signage is particularly helpful to citizens who may only visit government offices once per year – or less – and they need support getting their way around a space they are unfamiliar with.

Monument Signs

Monument signs are large, ground-level signs that are often used to flank the entrance to a complex or facility. These signs are highly durable and can be seen fairly easily by passersby.

A government agency may choose to install a monument sign at the entrance to its facility to help visitors more easily locate the appropriate entry point.

Channel Letter Signs

Channel letters are often used to affix a building’s name to its exterior. Channel letters can be illuminated to further improve their visibility, which makes them a valuable government signage solution for any facility that operates during the evening hours.

For example, police stations or public buildings may use illuminated channel letters above an entrance so visitors can easily find an access point after dark.

Post and Panel Signs

Post and panel signs are a particularly valuable signage solution for large government complexes with multiple buildings. These wayfinding signs are mounted at eye level and often feature a map or directory of a compound for easier visitor navigation.

Post and panel sign directories may feature clear arrows directing visitors toward specific physical locations. They can be fabricated in different sizes depending on whether the sign is meant to be viewed by a visitor who is on foot or one who is in a vehicle.

Consider Government Signs From National Signs

National Signs is a trusted provider of wayfinding and other signage solutions for government agencies. We specialize in designing, fabricating, and installing signs that help agencies communicate more clearly with their audience.

National Signs completes all signage projects in-house at our facility in Texas. Then, our specialized installation team ensures that all signs are installed safely, securely, and in such a way as to comply with all pertinent municipal guidelines.

Furthermore, our parts, labor, and products are backed by a 5-year guarantee. Government agencies can count on their National Signs products to serve their purpose for many years to come.

For more information about our government signage solutions or to request a quote, reach out today to speak with a member of our team. We would be glad to discuss the signage products that might best suit the needs of your government agency or facility.