STAGE outdoor channel letters by national signs, a sign company in houston, texas.

Exterior Sign Options

You’ve heard that one before and, when it comes to promoting your business, it’s a good motto to live by. You need to go big in letting potential clients know who, where and what you are, or they very well might end up going home. But in this metaphor, “big” doesn’t always refer to the size of the sign; it means choosing the right kind of sign for your business — the one that will most effectively reach your target audience. At National Signs, we not only set the standard for sign construction and installation, we also love to use our expertise to help our clients choose the right kind of sign to maximize the impact of their message. Let’s take a look at the different types of exterior signs available, find out how they are different, and determine which are best for different situations.

The 4 Most Common Kinds of External Signs


  1. Exterior Wall Sign: An exterior wall sign is either affixed directly to a wall of the business or painted right on the wall. Exterior Wall Signs can be channel letter, back-lit signs. It’s a straightforward option that makes it easy to display the message you want, concisely and clearly.
  2. Pylon: These freestanding signs provide high visibility from multiple angles and from a distance. At National Signs, we are able to provide customized branding that is easily visible from 1,000 feet away. The unobstructed views from pylon signs are the perfect choice for letting many people know your business is there, which means that this option is ideal for high-traffic areas.
  3. Monument Style: Monument signs are not just another opportunity to increase brand awareness; they can actually help your business create its own unique brand. A monument sign gives you the opportunity to create a three-dimensional structure with limitless creativity, allowing you to not just say who you are with words or images, but to have a structure that best represents your unique business. Additionally, the usual lower profile of these signs makes it an excellent choice when you want a sign that announces your business while also seamlessly integrating with the landscape.
  4. Post and Panel: Newest and fanciest isn’t always better. The post and panel sign design is a timeless classic. Simple and elegant is never a bad choice and, depending on what you most want associated with your business, it might be the best signage option for you.

Infinite Variation

While these are a few of the most common kinds of exterior signs, at National Signs, we don’t limit ourselves to just the usual. In fact, the sky is (literally) the limit in our ability to help your business discover branding opportunities. Here are a few of the ways we can customize the right sign for you.

LED Lighting and Electronic Messaging: Nothing grabs attention quite like bright lights against a night sky. And while this principle has long been used in creating signs, lighting has come a long way since the days of simple neon. Not only can we add lighting to any kind of sign, but LED lighting provides businesses with an incredible amount of customization, including easy-to-use messaging software that can be controlled remotely or scheduled years in advance, and the ability to create lifelike images with unparalleled clarity. Whether you want to add a bit of brightness to your sign or want the ability to update information to your audience, we have you covered.

Architectural Accents: Beyond the traditional sign, architectural accents provide a way to stand out from the crowd and to make sure that the image your business is putting out into the world is just the polished and professional one you want. At National Signs, our expert craftsmen can create the perfect signage for your business.

Does your business need a new sign? Let’s talk about the best option for you!