Educational Signage of Fred Pirkle by National Signs

Educational Signage Your Students Will Remember

When students and faculty walk through your school, it’s important to create an experience that is both memorable and positive. You can wow your students, staff, and visitors with engaging and accessible signage installed throughout your campus.

Discover the types of educational signage your campus needs to make a lasting impact, the benefits custom signs can offer, and how National Signs is able to help you transform your entire campus.

Custom Signs Every Campus Needs 

To offer a learning environment that is both welcoming and practical, your educational facility needs great signs throughout the campus. Effective signage helps build excitement for new students and can be a source of comfort and guidance for students and staff. 

Whether you run a small private school or a sprawling university complex, these are the three types of school signs every campus needs to provide a memorable educational experience. 

1. Informational Signage

The first thing students, staff, and visitors will look for on your school campus are informational signs. These might include a stunning monument sign at your entrance with your school’s name and logo, large channel letters mounted on your building façade, or digital LED displays in your entrance to provide visitor and student information.

These signs are the first step in creating a positive first impression, so you need signage that is high quality and grabs attention. You can offer traditional fixed signage on walls and above hallways or use LED screens that display a rotation of current information, such as:

  • Campus maps
  • Visitor information
  • Enrollment dates
  • Departments and clubs
  • Upcoming athletic or performance events
  • Future testing dates
  • Security information

 Everyone walking across your school campus should be able to easily find the important information they need to succeed throughout the day. Informational signage helps achieve this goal. 

2. Wayfinding Signs

The ideal school campus is a place where students and faculty can effortlessly navigate the school property, allowing them to focus fully on learning. Without clear-cut signage, students are more likely to end up lost or delayed on their way to classrooms and other key areas of the building.

Wayfinding signage earns high marks for helping guide students, staff, and visitors to the exact places they’re searching for. Examples of wayfinding signs include:

  • Office and building directories
  • Hallway signs for specific grades or departments
  • Room numbers
  • Restroom signs
  • Stairway or elevator access
  • Parking access
  • Food station signage
  • Library signs

 Your campus can also meet ADA-compliance guidelines with customized educational signs strategically placed all across campus. Signs may include pictographs, universal symbols, and Braille lettering to make your campus more inclusive to people who are visually or physically impaired.

 When your students are able to clearly see signs directing them where they need to go, especially new students, it gives them a sense of comfort and peace of mind as they navigate each school day. 

3. Promotional Signage

A school campus is more than just a place to learn – it’s a place to build school spirit by celebrating individual and group successes all across campus. With great signage, you can promote the student body in unique and memorable ways.

For example, use large LED screens in common areas or hallways to display the academic achievements of current students, video walls in your lobby to honor exceptional faculty and alumni, and digital displays in gymnasiums to spotlight recent athletic wins or upcoming events.

 Promotional signage throughout campus is a fantastic way to boost student participation, commend academic success, and unify the student body and faculty. 

Support Your School Through Effective Educational Signage

Signs are an important way to make a lasting impact on the lives of your students and faculty who spend each day on your school campus. They have the ability to encourage, inspire, and educate everyone passing through your campus, so it’s important to have eye-catching, durable, and engaging signage installed throughout the property.

 National Signs is a leading provider of school signage designed to enhance and improve any type of campus, including: 

  • Preschools and daycares
  • Grade schools
  • Charter schools
  • Private or parochial campuses
  • Community colleges
  • Trade schools
  • Universities
  • Other educational institutions

 When you want educational signage that makes a lasting statement to your student body and staff, contact the sign experts at National Signs.

You can also view our gallery to see examples of our school sign solutions and discover the difference National Signs can make on your school campus.