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Digital Signage for Schools: What You Need to Know

Digital signs have exploded recently in popularity because of their enhanced technology and flexible display options. This is especially true for school campuses, where digital signage systems have revolutionized how schools communicate with parents, students, and teachers.

Discover several ways your campus might use digital signage systems, why display screens are a great choice, and how National Signs can provide digital signage for schools.

With Digital Signs, The Possibilities Are Endless!

The beauty of digital signage platforms is that they can be used indoors or outdoors at any type of educational institution, whether it’s a preschool, elementary, secondary school, community college, or university. Your campus would have the ability to offer a bold display of photos, videos, or important messages consistently and engagingly.

The most effective uses for digital signage solutions include:

1. Outdoor Signage

Campuses are able to share information with the surrounding community, welcome visitors, or announce upcoming events by choosing outdoor digital signs. Digital LED screens can display the campus name, important dates, upcoming events, and messages that boost school spirit.

Whether mounted on monument or pylon signs, digital screens allow your campus to post information in a bright, modern, and visually appealing way while promoting the school brand.

2. Welcome Desks and Bulletin Boards

When students, parents, or visitors enter your campus, a captivating display screen at the welcome desk makes a great first impression. These screens could display helpful information such as campus hours, visitor rules, safety guidelines, and maps of the campus.

Students and staff also benefit from having digital bulletin boards to post important information, such as testing dates, upcoming school holidays, social media content, after-school activities, and safety alerts. Everyone on campus can have the most up-to-date information possible, presented in a streamlined, cohesive way.

3. Athletic Fields and Performance Halls

Digital signage solutions make an impact during sporting events or in performance halls across campus. Digital screens show crisp, clear videos of performances or games to ensure everyone can clearly see the action regardless of where they’re seated.

For athletic fields, digital displays are able to show current scores, game statistics, or player information. Screens can also show a rotation of ads for school sponsors or event schedules and ticket information.

4. Wayfinding

Students, staff, and visitors should be able to navigate their way easily throughout your campus, and digital wayfinding signs accomplish this goal. Wayfinding signs point people to points of interest such as classrooms, department offices, cafeterias, libraries, nurse stations, parking access, restrooms, staircases, and emergency exits.

5. Classrooms and Libraries

Digital signs have transformed the way teachers and professors instruct their students, allowing them to integrate technology into lesson plans. They can use digital screens to display video, audio, or internet content directly to students for a more engaging learning experience.

Libraries can utilize digital signage to showcase a wealth of information, such as new books, library hours, upcoming events, check-out guidelines, and directories for areas of the library.

6. Campus Stores and Cafeterias

For campuses with retail stores, digital signs help promote sales and highlight new items, store hours, store hours, and job openings. Schools are able to use digital menu boards to easily and clearly display the current menu options and prices.

Allergen and nutrition information may also be displayed to ensure those with food sensitivities have access to all relevant food information before dining.

Why Choose Digital Signage Over Other Types of Signs?

If your school campus needs a better signage solution, digital screens provide different advantages and benefits than traditional kinds of signs. They offer endless applications for sharing important information in a clear and eye-catching way across campus.

Your school should choose digital signage solutions:

To Create and Display Messages Instantly

Once traditional signs are manufactured and installed, they can’t be corrected or updated. With digital signage solutions, your campus is able to instantly create and display any message using software that is simple to use.

Cloud-based digital sign software allows your campus to make changes on-site easily or through remote access for immediate updates. This is important for campuses that need to share news or campus information during lockdowns, major campus-wide events, off-hours, or inclement weather.

For Digital Content Learning Opportunities

Older LED signs display bright messages, but usually with limited colors and dated graphics. Newer digital signs offer the ability to incorporate digital content and media players in their displays, whether it’s videos, graphics, or a bold combination of both.

Schools also gain the ability to use digital screens as a learning tool. Instructors could offer competitions that encourage students to create content using different types of software and technical tools, with the winning content displayed on campus.

To Have Durable, Easy-to-Use Technology

With digital screens, your school can enjoy years of functionality and effective messaging without worrying about signs looking faded or out of style. Sign technology has improved to ensure clear, crisp images from any angle, and the screens and components are able to withstand frequent use and harsher weather conditions.

Get Digital Signage for Schools with National Signs

Digital signs allow your school campus to effortlessly communicate in dynamic ways with students, staff, and parents. National Signs proudly partners with all types of schools to offer long-lasting, bold outdoor and indoor signs that meet your specific campus needs.

To transform your campus through more effective signs, contact National Signs today to have eye-catching and informative digital signage for school needs.