Digital Office Displays for your business.

Digital Office Displays That Will Inspire Your Team

Motivated employees are the backbone of any successful company, so it’s important to make sure your business is welcoming and supportive of your workforce. This starts with creating an inspiring work environment that both encourages team members throughout their day and helps cultivate a strong company culture.

So, what does an inspiring work environment look like? 

Simply put, it’s a work environment where employees see that:

  • Their work and efforts are valued by management.
  • The goods and services they produce are important.
  • They are encouraged to grow and thrive in their roles

With digital office displays, companies can create an inspiring team environment to promote the company, employees, and products and services in a consistent and uplifting way. Commercial grade signage solutions can clearly and effectively reinforce this messaging on a regular basis.

We’ll look at ways to use displays that can be used to inspire team members, improve productivity, and promote the company culture.

1. Informational

Like video walls and LCD signs, office displays are able to serve as informational resources for employees and visitors.  These signs can prominently display the company name and logo, spotlight the business location and surrounding property, and provide a professional, polished image for the company.

Informational signs in business lobbies or reception areas can motivate recent hires who are excited about their new job and senior employees who can be inspired by the company’s growth and success over time.

2. Instant Status Updates

With LCD displays and video walls, companies can ensure that key employees and teams are updated at all times for specific system monitoring and updates.  For instance, companies can use their signs to clearly show:

  • GPS tracking for company trucks and merchandise
  • Online sales
  • Web traffic
  • Social media interaction
  • Customer service call volume
  • Security footage of business interior and exterior
  • Downtime for key machinery or production lines

Digital signs provide real-time updates and solutions to maximize productivity and help motivate employees to achieve daily goals.  LCD signs provide a way for companies to stay as informed as possible so that they can focus more on building their teams and promoting their corporate brand and culture.

3. Highlight Services and Products

Another signage solution for inspiring employees is an LCD display that shines a spotlight on current company services and products.  It can encourage team members to keep pursuing innovation and product enhancements and help new employees learn the full range of services and products offered.

Companies can also use digital office signs to promote their brand and company messaging.  Regular displays of company goods and services can remind employees of the value and quality of the work they produce and remind them of past successes and accomplishments.

4. Company Milestones and Successes

Digital office displays are able to promote the company culture by celebrating business milestones and achievements.  For example, LCD displays can showcase business successes such as:

  • Reaching annual or quarterly sales goals
  • Acquiring new clients
  • Important mergers
  • Expanded territories
  • Recent achievements
  • Newsworthy hires

Also, video walls and LCD displays can promote corporate values and mission statements and highlight the history of the company along the way. When employees see their hard work celebrated regularly, they are far more likely to remain productive workers who want to contribute even more to the success and growth of the company.

5. Employee Celebrations and Events

Digital signage displays are great for celebrating employees on a regular basis, for both personal life events and work achievements. For example, LCD displays or video walls can be installed in shared spaces and break rooms to highlight employee events such as:

  • Birthdays
  • Work Anniversaries
  • Promotions
  • Earning a college degree or professional certification
  • Weddings
  • New Babies

When employees feel celebrated and valued, it increases their morale, reduces employee turnover, and improves company productivity.

6. Meeting Room Availability

From a practical perspective, signs make the workplace more efficient by improving communication among departments.  For example, interactive signage in lobbies and hallways can show meeting room availability and ongoing corporate events like employee training or HR sessions.

Inside conference rooms and meeting areas, interactive digital signs enhance company presentations and brainstorming sessions.  Management and department heads are able to present clear and effective messaging in a way that captures attention and displays professionalism.

7. Employee Programs and Incentives

Companies can also inspire their workforce with signage solutions that highlight employee programs and incentives that benefit them individually and as a team.  For example, LCD displays and video walls in common areas can be programmed to display:

  • Rewards for meeting employee and department goals
  • Upcoming team building events
  • Company parties and celebrations
  • Changes and improvements to employee benefits
  • New office perks
  • Employee discount programs
  • Health and wellness incentives

8. Future Goals and Expansions

Digital office signs displays can be a key part of announcing future company goals, upcoming expansions, and long-term growth plans.  With strategically placed LCD signs and video walls, employees are able to be inspired as they see corporate plans for future success and their role in it.  Displays can include:

  • A list of upcoming new locations
  • A map of expanding market regions
  • 3-D renderings of new construction projects
  • Virtual indoor tours of new buildings and facilities

In addition, strategic signage can also help strengthen the corporate culture and encourage unity among the workforce as they work together to accomplish major goals and innovate.  They can be reassured that their efforts are helping enhance their brand and solidify their place within their industry.

9. World News and Current Events

Digital signs can also unify a workforce by showing a rotation of important information relevant to employees and the community.  For example, employees may enjoy seeing a news scroll throughout the day that keeps them informed about current events in their industry.  Team members might also want to see more specific, updated information about local weather, stock prices, and time zones, so they’re always well informed throughout the day.

You can configure your digital office signs to show:

  • Company stock prices
  • Breaking news
  • Time zones for international clients
  • Current weather conditions
  • Local sports and other major events

10. Artwork Displays and Relaxing Landscapes

Finally, video walls and LCD displays are a great resource for creating a calm, welcoming atmosphere for employees and visitors by displaying artwork and relaxing landscapes.  Employees can be inspired to create and innovate in new ways when they regularly see nature and works of art displayed around them.

In addition, they can be used to showcase some of the features of the business property itself, such as:

  • Water fountains
  • Nature gardens
  • Natural landscaping
  • Trees
  • Calming nature scenes

Why Your Business Needs Digital Office Displays

Digital displays make it easy for leadership to build a strong corporate culture and unify their workforce, whether it’s celebrating company successes, encouraging employees, or simply building a professional work environment.  As company needs and messages change, strategically-placed video walls and digital displays provide instant communication and messaging in a positive, motivating, and effective way.

When you choose National Signs to provide innovative and inspiring office displays, you’re getting commercial-grade, quality signage, along with simple-to-use technology and messaging options.

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