Outdoor electronic signs for your business.

Different Types of Outdoor Electronic Signs

Outdoor electronic signs are an incredibly effective and versatile way to engage your customer base. In fact, awareness of the benefits of digital signage is skyrocketing so much that the market is anticipated to reach $32.12 billion by 2026.

The different types of electronic signs that you will find outside of businesses use various technologies and elements to accomplish an attractive display. When your digital sign is engineered correctly, the ease and flexibility of your advertising capabilities will quickly become apparent.

Read on to learn more about the different types of outdoor electronic signs and how they benefit businesses in every industry.


Engage More Customers with Outdoor Electronic Signs

Due to their natural eye-catching qualities, more of your customers are likely to notice a digital sign over a static one. As display, hardware, and software insights continue to evolve, high-level sign companies are able to assemble impressive image quality that takes your marketing capabilities to a new and remarkable level. In general, there are three different categories of outdoor electronic signs:


The most commonly used for outdoor signage, LED signs are large and bright, have multiple programming options, and are known for working very well in an outdoor environment.

LED signage requires minimal electricity, helping businesses save on their electrical bill and attracting those concerned with energy efficiency. This factor can also boost a brand’s reputation for being eco-friendly, a popular attribute in this day and age.


Though LCD technology is most commonly used for indoor signage, it can also be used outdoors. As long as safeguards are in place around the sign to protect it against harsh weather, this can be seen as another option for outdoor marketing. Businesses may decide to go this route for affordability without losing high resolution.


Another low cost option for outdoor signage is the method of projecting text or images onto a large surface, such as metal or stone. Projectors come in handy because they can be moved around and are easy to install. However, the overall effect of a projector sign does not compare to the stunning appearance of LED displays.


What Makes a Good Electronic Sign

If you’re going to make a good impression with your electric sign, it needs to have high-quality technology and design. Though the company building your sign can guide you, it’s up to you what direction you go with your sign at the end of the day. While you’re putting together ideas, it will be helpful to know the following key terms and concepts so you can get the most out of your meeting with the sign company.

Pixel Pitch

The pixel pitch is the density of the pixels in the image, the resolution of the LED message center. The ‘pixel’ is a grouping of LEDs, and the ‘pitch’ is the distance from one grouping to the next, measured in millimeters. The closer the pixels are packed together, the higher the resolution will be.


You want people to be able to see your sign clearly, which makes it essential that the viewing distance of the observer is considered within the design. Start with where the sign will be positioned, specifically making sure that nothing obstructs the view or affects its appeal. Once you have decided on proper placement, the dimensions and shape can be determined along with the content that’s being displayed.

Intensity of Light

The level of brightness of your sign should be determined by surrounding lights, how far away the sign will be from viewers, and the time of day. LED message centers can automatically adjust the brightness to fit the time of day.


Ways to Use Outdoor Electronic Signs

Electronic signs are great because they’re versatile and exceptionally suitable for engaging an audience in your marketing initiatives. Make the most out of your outdoor electronic signs by sharing information that will bring in business. Some examples of how to do this are:

Advertising Events & Specials

People love a good deal or unique way to celebrate the holidays. Put these announcements up on your outdoor sign as a great way to spark interest and get people in the door.

Displaying Your Hours & Phone Number

Sometimes people are too hasty to look you up online and show up outside of business hours. Highly visible signs are an easy way for you to inform your customers of when they can find you open or the best way to connect with you if they happen to miss you.

Broadcasting Your Mission Statement

Connect with your target audience by displaying what drives your business for all to see.


Benefits of Having One at Your Location

There are many benefits to having an outdoor sign at your business location. Here are a few reasons why an outdoor sign can be beneficial to you.

Convey Multiple Messages with One Sign

One of the most significant benefits of digital signage is using the same sign to convey multiple messages. You can choose to have the screen on a continuous scroll or set it to change at different times of the day.

Reach More People

On top of other marketing efforts, outdoor signage is a great way to reach the public. This way, you can engage potential customers who are already close by, increasing their chances of taking a moment to stop in and check you out.

Making Changes is Quick & Easy

Specials, holidays, and events are always shifting. A digital sign allows you to quickly make changes to accommodate new marketing trends and company updates.


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