Custom church signs you need.

Custom Church Signs You Need at Your Place of Worship

When it comes to advertising, churches benefit just as much as businesses. After all, isn’t the goal to draw people in? With the proper signage, you can not only make sure everyone knows who and where you are, but you can also even keep them up to date on your events and help them navigate once they’ve arrived.

Effective marketing will help you let your community know that you’re there to help meet their spiritual needs. While word of mouth is a great way to get the word out, there are many benefits to quality custom church signs.

Exterior Signs

Your first consideration should be an eye-catching sign to let everyone know who you are. These signs are usually placed near the street for maximum visibility. A well-designed sign will instantly communicate your church’s style of worship, whether it’s classic and traditional or catering to a younger, more energetic audience.

Often, these take the form of monument-style signs set in a solid base of brick or stone, but some churches opt for a unique approach with towering illuminated crosses or a replica of the ten commandments. If your sign is enough of an attention-grabber, people will start using it as a landmark when giving directions. Now that’s word of mouth advertising!

LED Displays

Another great option for customizing your church sign is an LED display. These digital screens can cycle through multiple messages, allowing you to announce your service hours, special events, and the ever-popular clever church messages. In addition, these displays require very little technical knowledge to operate, and they are endlessly customizable.

While some churches opt to have an LED screen as their primary outdoor sign, they also work very well as an addition to your primary signage. These screens can be incorporated into a single sign or stand alone to give you even more opportunities to attract new visitors.

Wayfinding Signs

Now that you’ve attracted some new visitors to your church, you need to help direct them. Even smaller churches can benefit from signs showing where the family center is, which entrance leads to the sanctuary, and where visitors should park if they want to be close to the nursery.

You’ll also want smaller signs to help separate parking for accessible spaces, new mothers, your church vehicles, etc. Don’t make the mistake of getting your new visitors confused and frustrated before they’ve even stepped foot in your church!

Indoor Signs

Once your visitors have entered the church, they’ll still need to know where to go. Custom indoor signs can be a lifesaver for someone navigating your building for the first time. Your indoor signage should clearly mark your sanctuary, Sunday school rooms, nursery, and of course, the restrooms!

While most churches have ushers and deacons who are more than happy to help direct newcomers, you should never forget that it can be intimidating to strike up a conversation with strangers. Strategically placed signs can help ease the anxiety and start your visitors off on the right foot.

Jumpstart Your Creativity

Custom church signs are a great way to direct people to and around your place of worship and convey your church’s personality. If you need some new signage for your church but aren’t sure what designs will work best, take a look at our gallery. It’s sure to get your creative wheels turning!