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7 Common LED Sign Advertising Mistakes

LED sign advertising can draw in new customers, remind once-loyal customers that your business still offers great products, and educate passersby about services, products, and upcoming events. A well-designed sign quickly pays for itself in new and returning business and increased consumer awareness. A poorly designed LED sign campaign, however, can make your business look less professional. It may even deter customers from walking through your doors.

Common LED Sign Advertising Mistakes

When planning the best way to advertise to your customers through your new LED sign, it’s critical to avoid these common mistakes.

1. Spelling and Grammar Errors

One recent survey found that 79% of consumers say they pay attention to spelling and grammar in marketing materials. More than half said they’d be reluctant to patronize a business with many spelling or grammar errors on its sign or website. Even among customers who aren’t grammar sticklers, weak verbiage and bad grammar can have a negative effect. If consumers can’t understand what you’re saying, your sign simply isn’t effective.

2. Unfunny Humor

Witty humor can attract the right customer. Some businesses even build a reputation around puns, funny stories, and a sardonic approach to marketing. This strategy can’t and won’t work for everyone. Unfunny humor can be offensive, puzzling, and even cruel. Consider how racially tinged or sexist jokes can affect your customers. Steer clear of humor that could be alienating, that requires a specific worldview, or that won’t be easily understood by a wide variety of customers.

3. Poor Design

Good design should attract the eye, and be appealing to people with a wide variety of tastes. This means that the best sign design might not be the one that you like the best. A flower lover, for example, might love a sign covered in flowers. But if your business has nothing to do with flowers, a sign that looks beautiful to you could be confusing to consumers.
Good design should also be easy to read. Select complementary colors, clear fonts, and a simple message. You might love calligraphy, but it’s nearly impossible for passersby to read. Prioritize function and simplicity over numerous unnecessary design elements. And don’t be afraid to ask for a second, third, or fourth opinion on your design choice.

4. Sign Malfunctions

If you’ve ever driven past a business with a sign flashing nonsense, or tried to read a message center that had missing bulbs, you know that a malfunctioning sign is no better than no sign at all. Work only with a sign company that can keep your sign in good working order. A damaged sign conveys the wrong message: that you don’t care, and that you don’t fix what’s broken. No matter what line of work you’re in, that’s a message that can alienate consumers.

5. Invisible Signage

No matter how beautiful your sign is, how witty its message is, or how much effort you’ve put into a quality design, it needs to be visible. When designing your sign, consider your target audience. Then stand where that audience is most likely to be. Is the sign obstructed by trees? Too short? Is the lettering too small? Signs increase your reach only if they’re visible.

6. Unclear Messaging

You know your business inside and out. A new customer might not. Don’t assume that consumers know what you sell or how you do business. Your messaging should be clear and easy to understand, whether a customer has bought your products before or has no familiarity whatsoever with your wares.

7. No Contact Information

Consumers should know how to reach your business after viewing your sign. This means your sign must give some form of contact information–directions to your building, a website, a phone number, or all of the above. Consider that many people who see your sign will be zipping past in a car. If they can’t quickly determine how to contact your business, they’ll move on to a competitor.

Work With the Experts and Avoid Mistakes

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