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Commercial Sign Maintenance Basics: Keep Your Sign Looking Like New

Your new sign is an investment that has the potential to pay significant dividends. A FedEx Office survey found that 76% of customers have entered a business they’ve never heard of based solely on its sign. Yet a dilapidated or damaged sign can be worse than no sign at all.

Tips for Maintaining a Just-Like-New Sign

A few commercial sign maintenance basics can keep your sign looking like new, and the customers pouring in your doors.

1. Control the Sign’s Temperature

Temperature shifts can wreak havoc on a sign, particularly if it’s not designed for outdoor use or for your microclimate. Indoor LED signs require relatively low temperatures. Otherwise, the signs can be left with permanent yellow marks. LED signs that are fully rated for outdoor use can stand up to even extreme heat, so it’s important to choose the right sign for your environment. Quality outdoor signs have built-in temperature control measures. Regular maintenance can ensure that climate control functions are working well.

2. Conduct Regular Sign Inspections

You check your bank account every day. You probably review business income statements at least quarterly. And you may login to your investment accounts several times a month. Your sign is an investment, too. Just as you wouldn’t abandon your bank account for months, you should also stay on top of how your sign is doing. Take time to look at your sign every few days. Sign defects can begin as subtle changes in the way the sign looks, so knowing what’s normal for your sign can make it easier to detect early problems. It’s also important to schedule regular sign inspections with your sign manufacturer. Ask for help deciding what sign inspection schedule is right for your sign.

3. Promptly Report Problems to the Sign’s Manufacturer

It’s easy to ignore a flashing light, a yellow mark, or a strange buzzing noise. After all, we’ve all seen these on other signs. They’re just par for the course, right? You paid for a sign that works perfectly, and that’s what you should get. So if you notice a problem, even a small one, immediately tell the sign manufacturer or maintenance company. A small problem often leads to a larger one. Catching small issues early can save you time and money.

4. Choose the Right Sign for Your Sign Environment

Putting an indoor sign in a shady outdoor environment might seem like a good idea that saves money. Over time, though, you’ll spend more on maintenance. Yor sign will also need to be replaced earlier. Give the sign manufacturer specific details about the sign environment. Is it in direct sun? Are there frequent shadows that necessitate a brighter display? And of course, consider the unpredictable Houston climate. Your sign must stand up to punishing heat, but still be prepared to deal with the rare winter snow.

5. Keep Your Sign Clean

Cleaning your sign requires more than just wiping it down. Insects can build nests inside. Poor drainage nearby can cause water to accumulate near or even in the sign. Cleaning should be a part of your regularly scheduled sign maintenance, so ask how frequently the sign needs to be opened up and cleaned.

6. Remember to Adjust the Time Clock

LED signs with an internal clock change in response to the time of day and lighting. When the time shifts at Daylight Savings Time, it’s important to change the internal clock. Your sign manufacturer will often do this for you. If they don’t, you’ll need to do it yourself to get the most out of your sign.

7: Choose the Right Sign Company

The most important part of regular sign maintenance begins before your sign is even constructed: choose the right sign company. A poorly made sign won’t stand the test of time, no matter how well it’s maintained. Using the right kind of paint, creating internal and external cooling systems, and similar factors are all critical for ensuring your sign remains a source of pride. National Signs constructs quality signs designed for your environment, marketing goals, and specific needs. To see what a beautiful, well-made sign can do for your business, give us a call today.