College entrance signs, like the Texas A&M University one pictured, are just one of the many types of signage that National Signs can create.

College Entrance Signs That Will Wow Incoming Students

Before choosing a college or university, students typically visit different campuses with their parents to learn more about the schools and decide which one is the best fit. Attractive and welcoming college entrance signs can elevate the appearance of your campus and can create a stunning first impression for students and their families.

Learn about the importance of having quality college entrance signs across your campus and the three most common types and styles of exterior signs to impress incoming students.

Why Entrance Signs Matter

Signs are the first thing students and parents see when approaching your college campus or university, so their construction, style, and function are incredibly important. When done well, college entrance signs can become signature campus landmarks that promote the identity and brand of your school while also welcoming students, faculty, and visitors.

Good signs can impress incoming students in the following ways:

  • Build excitement and anticipation
  • Emphasize the history and prestige of the campus
  • Spotlight the academic opportunities available
  • Foster a sense of pride and accomplishment
  • Celebrate notable alumni from the school and their achievements

If visitors have a difficult time finding your campus because of a lack of signage, or if existing signs are faded or not clearly visible, then potential students and their families could end their visit with disappointment instead of excitement. College entrance signs make a lasting difference, so it’s essential to have the right kind in place for your campus needs.

Three Common Types of Entrance Signs

Colleges and universities have a wide variety of sign types to choose from depending on the sign location, campus size, and overall style and design needs. The three most common types of signs found on school campuses are freestanding signs, building façade signs, and wayfinding signs.

1. Freestanding signs

A majority of college campuses welcome students and their families with large custom signs that display the school’s name and logo. These freestanding signs can range from traditional and timeless to bold and eye-catching.

Examples of common freestanding entrance signs include:

  • Monument signs
  • Post and panel signs
  • Pylon signs
  • Architectural signs and symbols

Monument signs are large classic signs installed at street level near main entrances and are often made from brick, stone, or concrete for a traditional look. It’s common for students to pose for pictures near their school’s main entrance monument sign to symbolize their excitement and joy at becoming a new student.

Post and panel signs are taller display signs that are more prominently located on campus and may also display the school logo or mascot. These signs can be sleek and elegant for a more modern look, or they can be traditional and classic to match the school’s aesthetic.

Pylon signs are very tall signs that have a permanent display of the school’s name and logo and may also include a central LED screen to welcome visitors, promote upcoming events, and make important announcements. These signs can be seen from a long distance away, making them effective for capturing attention in a bold and lasting way.

Architectural signs and symbols can also be used to inspire and awe incoming students as they enter your campus. Your school can add a tall stone or brick archway surrounding the college name for added visual appeal or install a large-scale custom sign of the school’s logo, shield, or mascot.

2. Building Façade Signs

If your school wants to incorporate the beauty and architectural design of your buildings with campus signage, then building façade signs may be the ideal option to showcase the school’s name and logo. These signs can be designed and installed in strategic locations on your building to make them easy to see and create a dynamic first impression.

Channel letter signs are mounted onto the side or front of a building and are either individual letters or one large name sign typically constructed from metal and acrylic panels with internal lights for bright illumination at night. They can be manufactured to perfectly match the school’s font and colors for a unified look.

Rooftop signage can also be effective for capturing attention in a bold and exciting way. The school’s name can be constructed from aluminum or bronze materials for a lasting and durable sign, and spotlights can help make them visible at night for a stunning effect.

3. Wayfinding signs

Effective school signs should also offer confidence, comfort, and ease for everyone as they navigate your campus. Consistent, branded wayfinding signs ensure that all signs have a uniform style and aesthetic, making it easier for people to find their way to specific areas, buildings, and landmarks.

Wayfinding signs can help incoming students and visitors locate important areas on your campus, including:

  • Dormitories
  • Department Offices
  • Classrooms and laboratories
  • Libraries
  • Parking Areas
  • Cafeterias
  • Student Services
  • Administration
  • Athletic Facilities 

Inclusive and visible signage can help welcome a wide range of visitors and ensure a smooth and positive campus experience for all.

National Signs Creates Dynamic Signs for College Campuses

If your college or university needs eye-catching, attractive, durable, and impactful college entrance signs, National Signs can help.

Our award-winning team can create unique and captivating signs for your campus needs, and all our signs are manufactured in the U.S. using the highest quality materials. Each sign is constructed with expert craftsmanship and designed for lasting elegance and functionality.

To learn more about our wide variety of stunning campus signs, contact National Signs today for more information.