National Signs truck providing sign services to help customer repair signage in Houston, Texas

Bring Your Sign Back to Life with Our Sign Services!

Is the signage at your business in need of a little TLC? At National Signs, we offer a 5-year warranty on all our signage, parts, and labor. But even if the warranty has expired, and even if you’ve never worked with us before, you can still take advantage of our comprehensive sign and maintenance services.

We believe that all signage, no matter who installed it, deserves to be at its peak performance. National Signs can help with the repairing, replacing, and upgrading of any sign. You name it! We will get your signage looking and working exactly the way it should be. Here are just some of the sign services that we offer to customers in the Greater Houston area.

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Our Sign Repairs and Maintenance Services

Life happens. Even the best-installed signs can become damaged due to all sorts of circumstances. Maybe someone backed their car into your sign. Maybe your sign was damaged by a severe storm. Maybe it’s just been around for a long time! Whatever the case may be, our team is trained to identify the issue and fix your signage in no time.

We can replace bulbs, service electrical issues, secure trim, replace fallen letters, and so much more. We have the trucks, the tools, the team, and the expertise to repair anything that may be wrong with your signage. National Signs makes maintenance a breeze, so you can stop worrying and get back to more important things at your place of business.

1. Sign Face Replacement

Whether it’s a lightbox, a post and panel sign, or an interior wall sign, you may be thinking of replacing your sign altogether. While starting from scratch is an option, consider the alternative of simply replacing the face of your sign. Here are some of the common reasons that maintenance – instead of complete replacement – could be the best route:

  • If your company recently re-branded.
  • If you have a new logo or slogan that you want to promote.
  • If you’re looking to add some color or change a font style that you think looks outdated.
  • If your sign is used for wayfinding and something has moved to a new location.

Whatever the case may be for needing a new sign face, we want to make sure you’re sending the right message. The team at National Signs can help you swap out what you have for something that works much better for your current needs.

2. Sign Lighting Retrofitting

If you don’t want to change your entire sign but you’re having trouble with the illumination, you may want to consider a lighting retrofit. If your sign isn’t burning bright like it used to, it may just be in need of the latest technology like LED lighting. There’s no question that it is the best and most logical upgrade.

New LED lights can last up to six years longer than the old fluorescent or neon ones. They’re very low maintenance and don’t have any gasses or tubes that cause problems when they break or leak.

LED lights are also more eye-catching! They are much brighter and more noticeable during both night AND day. Best of all, you’ll save money by using up to 75% less electricity. Oh, and did we mention they’re easily recyclable and environmentally-friendly? 

Bottom line – if you’re still using fluorescent or neon lighting in your sign, it’s probably time for an upgrade to LED lighting.

3. Sign Cleaning and Repainting

Perhaps your sign has been around for a while or has been through some hard times. While it may still be standing strong, it could be in need of some simple touch-ups. At National Signs, we have all the tools available to clean, paint, and spruce up your sign.

Even the most normal of weather patterns can wreak havoc on your outdoor signage over time, leaving it looking a bit dull or dirty. That’s far from ideal when you’re looking to make a good impression with your customers. It’s no sweat for our team! Our cleaning and painting services are here to get your business back to looking as good as new.

Check Out Our Sign Services For Your Business

National Signs has been providing sign services for businesses and organizations in the Greater Houston area since 1992. We know a thing or two about keeping signs in tip-top shape.

Whether you ordered signage from National Signs or another provider, we are more than happy to assist your company with our unbeatable sign services. Plus, you’ll have one point of contact for all of your maintenance, repair, and updating needs so that you know exactly who to reach out to when you need signs serviced.

When you are ready to improve your signage, simply reach out to us to schedule one of our maintenance services. Discover how we can bring your sign back to life!