Outdoor digital signage displays, like this one for Deer Park Fire and Rescue, are great investments for your business.

9 Messages to Include in Your Outdoor Digital Signage Displays

For a bold and eye-catching way to grab attention for your company, outdoor digital signage is an effective and lasting solution. But with endless options for displaying messages, graphics, and videos, it can be challenging to know what kind of content will impact your brand most.

Learn about nine different kinds of messages to include in your outdoor digital signage displays to make a lasting impression on potential customers.

1. Brand Promotion

One of the most important messages your company can share on outdoor digital signs is simply the company’s name, logo, and brand style. A bright and appealing outdoor LED sign that showcases your company name and style helps potential customers remember your business and location better, providing a professional and polished appearance that sets your company apart from the competition.

A key advantage digital signs have over static storefront signage is that they are highly visible in any weather or any time of day, making them stand out when it matters most. Unlike standard signage, high brightness displays won’t fade over time, and they’ll remain noticeable against nearby signs competing for attention, helping solidify your brand in your region.

2. Hospitality and Greetings

Outdoor digital displays are an effective tool for greeting customers or specific groups as they enter your property. Schools and university campuses might use LED signs to welcome parents and students back to campus in the fall, and hotels and convention centers could use video walls or digital signs to spotlight visiting groups or convention attendees.

By welcoming individuals or groups with specific greetings and warm hospitality, it sends a signal that their presence matters to your company. Also, it can create a positive first impression when they first enter your commercial property that may later translate to customer action.

3. Targeted Messaging

An important way to use digital signage displays is to offer targeted messaging to a specific audience or customer group. It helps convey their importance to your business and draws people in with unique messaging tailored to them.

For example, restaurants might display messages promoting a discount for veterans, or a retail store could show ads for Back-to-School specials for parents. These targeted ads and messages effectively bring in specific customer groups and offer an immediate ROI for your outdoor LCD sign.

4. Services and Products

Digital signage solutions have transformed the way businesses are able to promote their products and services to customers, whether inside or outside of the property. With stunning visuals and a changing rotation of ads and information, your company is able to showcase new products or popular services in bold ways constantly.

Restaurants are able to harness the power of visual appeal by using digital menu boards to display current menu selections and pricing, and retail stores have the chance to spotlight new products or promotional sales with video walls and digital screens to draw customers into their location. With bold LED or LCD displays, your company will be able to showcase goods and services dynamically.

5. Customer Engagement

Outdoor digital signs also offer your company unique opportunities for customer engagement that leave a lasting impression. For example, LED signs can display QR codes that encourage customers to download company apps or sign up for reward loyalty programs.

In addition, some businesses might utilize touch screen technology for interactive advertising, placing product orders, or searching for specific information about your business. When customers have the chance to engage with your business in creative and compelling ways, they’re more likely to be repeat customers and share their positive experiences with others.

6. Wayfinding Navigation

With digital signage, your business has the opportunity to present helpful wayfinding navigation throughout your property, which helps visitors and customers find their way with ease. This type of informational messaging is key to ensuring people have a positive experience while on your property, especially for larger spaces such as hospitals, hotels, sports arenas, shopping malls, school campuses, and other sprawling properties.

Outdoor digital signs can display a wide range of information, including:

  • Entrances and exits
  • Property maps
  • Building or department directories
  • Points of interest
  • Parking areas
  • Street access
  • Delivery zones
  • Emergency information

Digital signage effectively ensures visitors on your property always have access to clear, current information while navigating your property.

7. Upcoming Events

When your business wants to announce or promote upcoming events, outdoor digital screens handle the job easily and effectively. Your company will be able to project bright and eye-catching messages that encourage people to attend an event or buy tickets, whether it’s for a concert, sports game, upcoming sales promotion, graduation, or other important events.

With digital displays, your business will also have the opportunity to be prompt and flexible if events change in any way, which ensures that you’re always displaying the most accurate information to people passing by. For example, if an opening act for a concert changes, or if a sports game start time is changed, these changes can quickly and easily be reflected on digital outdoor displays.

8. Community Spotlight

Some of the most important messages a digital outdoor sign can display are those that shine a positive light on the surrounding community, particularly for churches and other houses of worship. LED signs are effective in highlighting community events, celebrating wins or successes from local sports teams, or posting positive messages of encouragement during challenging times.

When your digital signs are used to support and uplift, they become a beacon of hope and positivity within the community while also strengthening your business. In addition, your outdoor signage should be a helpful guide by displaying the date, time, current temperature, and other relevant community information.

9. Safety and Security Guidelines

Finally, outdoor signs are also instrumental in displaying safety guidelines and security rules regarding your business property. For example, they can outline building security rules, hours of operation, public health guidelines, accessibility information, smoking or weapon restrictions, and contact information in case of emergencies.

When digital displays provide concise and current safety and security guidelines, it keeps visitors and employees safer while on the property. In addition, they help ensure that people are in compliance with your business or local government regulations while on site.

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