Indoor LED signs by National Signs and Daktronics.

6 Uses for Indoor LED Signs to Elevate Your Business

Your business needs bold and inviting exterior signage to attract attention and draw people in, but once they’re inside, you need indoor signage that is just as exciting and appealing. When visitors or customers are inside your property, indoor LED signs can ensure that your customers are informed, engaged, and have a positive experience.

Discover six ways that LED signs can be used to elevate your business and industry and create an exciting and welcoming atmosphere for visitors and guests.

1. Welcoming Entrances

People entering your property should be greeted and welcomed in bold and captivating ways. LED signs can be installed at information desks and welcome centers to immediately draw in visitors with visual displays of the company name and logo.

In addition, LED video walls can offer large-scale displays that showcase important information, such as a schedule of events or exciting videos to promote the business brand. For more informative content, you can also use LED signs to display the current date, time, and weather conditions, as well as a rotating scroll or video content of current news headlines.

Indoor LED displays are an ideal way to create a great and lasting first impression with sleek sophistication and eye-catching visuals.

2. Building Navigation

One of the main signs people need when they enter your property is a building map or navigation sign to help them find where they need to go. Indoor LED signs solve this problem by providing a bold, attractive, and easy-to-view signage solution for visitors and guests.

LED signs can be used to display up-to-date building and office maps for corporate or medical offices, seating charts for arenas and stadiums, a store map for retail stores or shopping malls, and other key points of interest. Visitors will also rely on your digital signs to help them find important areas such as elevators, stairwells, restrooms, first aid locations, parking access, and designated smoking areas.

In addition, you can also use LED displays to post updated health guidelines, security restrictions, and building rules such as weapons restrictions or hours of operation. With LED signs, your displays are always sure to be accurate, easily visible, and visually appealing.

3. Dynamic Visitor Interactions

LED technology allows your company to engage and support guests in new and innovative ways and enable them to utilize your technology to their benefit. For example, your office building, hotel, or convention center can offer LED screens for guests to present clear displays of presentations, slides, or show videos for their conferences or meetings.

For sports arenas or performance venues, LED screens and boards offer crisp, clear displays of athletes, performers, or keynote speakers to build excitement and share experiences with the entire crowd. They can also be used to display song lyrics, sports scores, game highlights, and the game clock to help enhance and improve the experience for guests, no matter where they’re seated.

4. Spotlight Products and Services

Few tools are as effective as LED technology in promoting your business brand. LED boards allow you to spotlight your services and products in bold and exciting ways that help drive customer purchases or interactions.

For example, your restaurant can use LED menu boards to display your entire menu as well as enticing photos of drinks, entrees, and desserts. Your retail store can showcase new products, sales promotions, or upcoming events using the visual graphics provided by LED screens.

LED screens are the ultimate interior billboard for any kind of business and can always display them in vivid, exciting colors and images better than a static ad. In addition, they provide instant flexibility to make adjustments, corrections, or changes to ensure your messaging is always accurate and on brand.

5. Promote Upcoming Events

LED displays are an excellent option for promoting upcoming events, company activities, and future product releases in an exciting and captivating way. They can easily showcase all relevant information with eye-catching videos, colors, and images to make a lasting impact.

Your stadium, arena, or performance venue can have indoor LED screens showing a rotation of upcoming events and performers along with dates and ticket information. A church or other place of worship can announce future sermon messages, promote future events, or post available volunteer opportunities.

With LED screens, you can ensure that all visitors inside your property are always aware of upcoming events and are more likely to make a return visit. In addition, you can always have the most accurate information available in the event a performance or event needs to be postponed or rescheduled.

6. Encourage Visitor Engagement

Inside your building, LED screens can take visitor engagement to a whole new level by offering a wide variety of ways for people to connect directly to your business. You can use a LED display to promote social media channels and incentivize them to like, follow, or subscribe.

Your business can also promote other engagement opportunities such as company apps or QR codes that allow people to sign up for company newsletters or reward programs. By offering visitors a way to connect to your company, you build lasting bonds with your customer base and strengthen brand loyalty.

National Signs Provides Indoor LED Solutions

With over 30 years of experience providing exceptional indoor and outdoor signs to companies across the country, National Signs is the leading provider of LED screens and displays to businesses and organizations. We take the time to understand your company goals and needs and provide dynamic indoor signage that connects you to your target audience and strengthens your business brand.

Our company offers state-of-the-art LED screens, wall boards, and large-screen displays that provide clear, crisp imaging in a variety of sizes and pixel pitches. In addition, your LED signage can be changed in an instant to ensure accuracy and timely messaging throughout your building.

Your business can have bold, attractive, and long-lasting LED indoor signs that effectively promote your brand and motive visitors to respond. To see our wide variety of indoor LED signage solutions for your business, visit our gallery today.