Interior office signs to elevate your business.

6 Interior Office Signs You Need for Your Business

Companies always want to make an excellent first impression for customers, employees, and visitors, and having high-quality interior signs can help achieve that goal.  Whether you’re in a business lobby, reception area, or secure area of the building, interior office signs are a key part of any successful business space.

With the right kind of office signage, employees and visitors can easily find their way around your location while also learning more about your company.  These six types of interior office signs are needed for businesses of all sizes.

1. Lobby Signs

Interior signs can help tell the story of your business – its identity, company goals, target audience, and overall work environment.  Lobby signs are a major part of business branding and identity because they’re usually the first thing employees and visitors see as they walk into a building or office area.

Lobby signs should be high quality and attractive to help promote a professional image.  They can be made from glass, brushed aluminum, or acrylic to offer a sleek, polished look.  Interior office signs can come in a wide variety of shapes, colors, and features to fit in with your business décor and style.

Interior office signs in a lobby can also come in different dimensional lettering options so that names and logos pop for added effect.  When a company logo or name is displayed well, people remember it, which helps build brand awareness.

2. Reception Area Signage

Interior office signs should be attractive and welcoming but also functional and helpful. Most businesses start their interior signage journey in the reception area.

Customers and guests shouldn’t have to hunt around for a company’s name or logo when they approach a business entrance – it should always be clear and easy to see.  Instead of taping a piece of paper to a door or desk, a reception desk is a key place to install a backlit or panel sign that displays the company logo.

Companies can also use reception area signs to promote their business by highlighting their top services or products on the walls.  For example, a law firm office might display some of the legal services they provide, or a medical office might display available popular procedures and testing options.

Interior office signs can also show the names and photos of company leaders, key employees, or team members who have hit an important milestone or sales goal.  This can help boost the company’s reputation and success as employees and visitors enter the business.

3. Company Policy Signs

Another kind of interior office signage that many businesses need is signs displaying their company policies and rules.  These can include current health guidelines for visitors and employees and building rules and regulations for parking, smoking, or visiting hours.

Some businesses restrict cell phone usage or ban items like weapons or food and drinks for safety or security reasons.  When a business has rules that employees and visitors need to follow, they can rely on professional interior signage to display that message.

Federal, state, and local governments often make certain companies display business rules and guidelines to show that they comply with labor laws, zoning rules, and other business ordinances.  If a visitor or employee is unsure about the rules or ordinances of the business, then interior office signs can point them in the right direction.

4. Wayfinding Signs

Nothing is more frustrating to a customer, vendor, or employee than getting lost trying to find a business, specific employee, or a particular building area.  Interior office signs are the best solution to this common problem.

Wayfinding signs are a crucial part of any business because they tell people exactly where to find what they’re looking for.  Businesses need interior signage for conference rooms, staff break rooms, office directories, waiting rooms, public and private restrooms, exits and entrances, elevator and escalator access, smoking areas, nameplates for employee offices, and delivery zone areas.

High-quality interior signage lets companies easily display this important information in a professional and clear-cut way so that employees and visitors can easily view it.  Wayfinding signs can also make sure businesses stay in compliance with ADA guidelines by offering signage for people with mobility issues or who need directions in Braille.

Wayfinding signs give employees and visitors peace of mind by helping them get where they need to go without feeling anxious, overwhelmed, or late.  Businesses can build a stronger connection with their staff and customers by providing a business environment that is welcoming and easily navigated.

5. Safety Signs

One of the most important reasons to have good interior office signage is that it keeps businesses, employees, and visitors safe when displayed correctly and clearly.  Companies don’t always have extra security or staff members available to point out safety issues or direct people in an emergency, so safety signs can play a big role in keeping people safe if a disaster strikes.

High-quality safety signs should include fire exits, fire extinguisher locations, emergency exits, stairwells, and storage areas with dangerous or flammable materials.  Large facilities such as schools, churches, performance halls, and other venues might also have defibrillators or first aid kits nearby, so interior signs should be posted for those as well.

Safety signs should be clear and concise, and easy to see in the dark and far away. To improve visibility, safety signs should use larger, clear fonts and be installed in multiple areas and with a backlight for added visibility.

When a company has a large number of safety signs displayed around the building, people can safely and quickly exit in the case of an emergency.  Companies that skip important interior safety signage could be held liable in court if an employee or customer can’t easily find their way out in an emergency because there aren’t enough exit signs that are easy to see or are well lit.

6. Security Access Signs

Interior office signs for any business should also include security access signage, so visitors and employees always know which areas of the building are restricted.  Businesses in the medical field, manufacturing, retail, and oil and gas rely heavily on security access signs to stop illegal or unwanted access.

Security access signs should be clearly marked and displayed since they help make the entire business safer and more secure.  Interior business signs should mark rooms that are off-limits to visitors or let employees know they need key-card access to enter a specific office or storage area.

Companies can prevent theft, vandalism, and property damage by using security access signs to let criminals know they will be prosecuted.  Security access signs can also point out security cameras so that criminals or unwelcome visitors know they’re being recorded, which can also help prevent theft, damages, and property loss.

Interior office signs are an important part of any business because they serve so many important functions, from promoting your brand, maintaining employee and visitor safety, and projecting a professional and reliable business reputation.

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