One of many post and panel signs across a Houston church ground.

5 Uses for Post and Panel Signs

When your business needs eye-catching and informative signage, post and panel signs are one of the most effective options on the market. They’re incredibly versatile!

With a wide range of design options and sizes available, it’s easy to find the exterior signs you need to make a positive impact on visitors entering your commercial property.

Discover five of the most popular uses for post and panel signs. We’ll also let you in on how National Signs can help you craft outdoor signs that are engaging, useful, welcoming, and effective at promoting your brand.

Why Choose a Post and Panel Sign?

Post and panel signs are a type of monument sign installed near the edge of a property. They can also be installed near an entrance to display the business’s name and company logo clearly. These are the characteristics of this type of sign:

  • Consist of a flat or textured panel.
  • Supported by metal posts for a sturdy base.
  • Manufactured in a wide variety of materials.
  • Can match other existing outdoor and indoor signage. 

The panels share essential information about your business and are created in a range of durable and attractive materials, including:

  • Aluminum
  • Metal
  • Vinyl
  • MDO (Medium density overlay)
  • LED displays

A typical post and panel sign comes in various styles, from traditional and classic lettering to bold with full color, eye-catching graphics, or lighting effects. They are a popular choice for businesses because of their design flexibility, including:

  • Custom shaped panels
  • Small to large-scale signs
  • Carved or sandblasted letters
  • Dimensional lettering
  • Decorative posts or post caps
  • Custom finishes and textures

Our Ideas to Use Post and Panel Signs

A post and panel sign can be one of the most important investments you make in the marketing of your property, offering a long-lasting, versatile, and appealing signage solution. Below are the five most common uses for a typical post and panel sign on a commercial property.

1. Business Identification

Panel sign systems are most often used as a way to identify a business name and logo as people pass by. They can also be used in retail shopping centers with many different businesses and tenants. For example, strip malls or business parks will use post and panel signs to display the business names of each tenant.

Post and panel signage is popular across a wide range of industries, including:

  • Restaurants
  • Retailers
  • Churches
  • Schools and Universities
  • Healthcare
  • Banks
  • Hospitality

Their flexibility, longevity, and visual appeal make them a consistently popular choice for clearly identifying a brand or company location.

2. Real Estate and Construction Projects

Post and panel signs are a common sight on real estate developments, construction projects, apartment properties, or other multi-use properties. They are often used to identify the developer or construction project being built. They can also be used to identify the location or entrance to an apartment complex or townhome community.

They offer durability and adaptability since they are easily changed or updated as construction progresses. Real estate post and panel signs can also be large and use full-color graphics and lettering in order to grab more attention as people drive by.

3. Wayfinding Navigation

Wayfinding signage is the most common use of post and panel signs, especially on sprawling properties like healthcare facilities, schools, stadiums, and other large sites.

Post and panel signage are used to direct vehicles toward specific buildings, parking areas, points of interest, or other destinations on site.

4. College Campus Awareness

College campuses are great places to install post and panel signage.

For example, a college or university could place post and panel signs in strategic, high-traffic areas to direct drivers towards admissions offices, welcome centers, classrooms, athletic fields, or other important areas of campus. Check out our work for Rice University in Houston!

The benefit of a post and panel sign for wayfinding navigation on a college campus is that it can be incredibly helpful signage in guiding people to their desired destination. It also helps you maintain a cohesive, unified look that coordinates with your university’s brand colors and style.

5. Visitor Information

Post and panel signage systems are great for visitors entering your property and searching for specific information. Your panels can be customized to display property maps, historical facts, or even a changing rotation of relevant information through a LED display on your post and panel sign.

You can help visitors in some other ways:

  • Direct people towards specific offices or departments.
  • Identify areas or buildings with higher security or construction access only.
  • Post guidelines to enter the property, such as health ordinances or restricted weapons areas.

National Signs Provides Post and Panel Sign Solutions

With an award-winning team of innovative sign designers, expert manufacturers, and sign installation professionals, National Signs can provide your company with the eye-catching, effective, and long-lasting post and panel signs needed for your business property.

We offer many different types of post and panel signs, from classic simple designs to large-scale, bold signage with dramatic textures or lighting effects.

View our online gallery to discover our full range of post and panel signs and design options. Or, contact us today to learn how we can partner with you for attractive and long-lasting signage solutions.