Types of store signs you need for your business.

5 Types of Store Signs You Need for Your Business

For your business to be successful, customers need to be able to easily find your store, navigate their way around, and find information as they shop.  Without good business signage, people will simply pass by your shop or leave in frustration to give their business to a competitor.

Let’s take a few moments to review five types of store signage you need for your business and how they can positively impact your brand and drive sales for long-term success.

Pylon Signs

Companies need to highlight their location to people driving or walking by clearly, and pylon signs can effectively achieve this goal.  Pylon signs are outdoor signs, typically installed on the business property near streets or driveways to help people spot the business name and logo.

Pylon signs are tall with eye-catching graphics illuminated at night and often have bright LED displays in the middle.  Companies can create messages in monochromatic colors or high-resolution videos or images to easily catch the attention of potential customers.

Pylon signs can display:

  • Company name and logo
  • Current sales and specials
  • Upcoming events
  • New products or services
  • Social media promotions
  • Company announcements
  • Community news

If your business needs to constantly update its messaging and promote the brand, pylon signs are a smart and effective solution.  Messages can be changed instantly from any location, and your company can have a versatile and simple messaging system for promotional needs.

Monument Signs

Monument signs also display a business name and logo but are ground-level signs installed near streets, building entrances, or parking lots to help identify the company.  They’re often designed with the same type of material as the business to maintain a similar style on the property and create a cohesive look.

Companies that need cost-effective signage benefit from monument signs because they’re smaller but still promote the business name and logo clearly and concisely.  They’re constructed from stable and durable materials, such as brick or stone, meaning they’ll withstand severe weather conditions and look great for years to come.

Monument signs can have simple dimensional lettering installed on the front, as well as smaller LED screens for promoting products and services.  Monument signs are a great investment if your business needs sleek and professional street-level signage.

Storefront Signs

Besides announcing your business name near streets and driveways, you also need to announce your location on the building façade.  Storefront signage clearly identifies your company name and logo above the entrance in a variety of styles and designs.  Storefront designs can consist of:

  • Channel letters
  • Dimensional letters
  • Logos or mascots

With top-quality signage that promotes your brand, you can easily drive foot traffic to your location and make your business stand out from nearby competitors.  Storefront signs can be front-lit or backlit to add extra visibility at night and can create a great first impression for potential customers.

Wayfinding Signs

Few things are as frustrating for shoppers as arriving at a business and not being able to find their way around.  Wayfinding signs are the ideal solution because they clearly point out areas of interest for customers as they navigate their way through your business property.

Your business needs outdoor wayfinding signs to help people find areas like the store entrance, parking garages, designated smoking areas, or curbside and handicap spaces.  Indoor wayfinding signs are a must for business owners, not just for directing customers but also to be in compliance with ADA sign requirements for public spaces.

Indoor wayfinding signs can include:

  • Store maps
  • Department areas
  • Store rules and guidelines
  • Restrooms
  • Emergency exits
  • Escalator and elevator access
  • Restricted areas

With good clear wayfinding signs placed in high traffic areas, people are much more likely to have a positive shopping experience and become repeat customers.

Interior Signage

Once customers are in your store, you want them to be able to shop and discover new products with ease.  Interior signage solutions can help influence shoppers and direct them to specific areas of interest.

LED signs or digital wall boards can promote sales, highlight new merchandise or services, or point people to specific areas of interest such as check-out lanes or dressing rooms.  For restaurants or other food retailers, digital menu boards are ideal for displaying eye-catching photos and menu options.

Why Business Signs Matter

Good business signage can enhance the customer’s shopping experience and help convert first-time visitors into loyal, frequent customers.  The beauty of good signage is that all types of store signs can be customized to match the business’s color scheme and overall theme to create a unified and inviting look.

Quality and building integrity are also important components of store signs because they need to be structurally sound and reliable and designed and installed to comply with municipal or local zoning regulations.  Business signage should be a welcome addition to the community and not a distraction or nuisance.

How National Signs Can Help

National Signs is the leading provider of top-quality sign solutions for businesses of all sizes and industries.  Our team of design and fabrication experts can help create durable business signs that promote your brand while also working within your budget needs and location options.

View our gallery today to learn about the different types of store sign options and which ones would help your business reach new heights of success.