Pylon sign for Northern Tool and Equipment in Texas

5 Pylon Design Ideas that Stand Out on the Highway

When your company wants to stand out from the competition and grab attention, a pylon sign is the ideal signage solution. These tall outdoor signs are meant to captivate and draw focus to a business. More eyeballs mean more opportunities to generate sales!

To grab more customers, you will want to craft a unique pylon sign that doesn’t blend in with all other outdoor signs near highways or busy roadways.

Discover five pylon design ideas that will make your business signage a welcome and exciting landmark for people passing by your location. Also, find out how National Signs can make your sign ideas a reality.

Pylon Design Ideas That Will Wow Your Customers

Let’s dive into the winning characteristics of pylon signs.

1. Consider Unique Sign Shapes

Pylon signs are typically constructed from a lightbox cabinet that is affixed on top of a tall pole or double posts to provide a clear vantage point from a distance away. Rather than choose a standard square or rectangle pylon sign, you can make an impact with something one-of-a-kind! Choosing a pylon design with a unique sign shape – such as a diamond or the outline of your font or company name – will make a big splash.

With a unique shape, your pylon sign will be distinct from the other standard pylon signs in your area, making it easier for customers or vendors to locate your business.

2. Use That Logo

Few things are as comforting as seeing familiar logos and signs as you make your way down the road. Just think about your experience, whether it’s the gas station you were desperately searching for, a familiar restaurant logo from your youth, or a welcome sign when you arrived at your vacation destination.

When you choose to use your company’s logo for your pylon sign, you help make your business sign a landmark for people as they approach your property.

Logos are memorable and iconic, and they are a great design option to ensure your pylon sign grabs attention and draws people toward your business.

3. Take Advantage of Colorful LED Displays

If you want to showcase your company through visually stunning images, videos, and colors, consider incorporating LED displays into a pylon sign for your business.

LED signs offer dynamic messaging that may be changed or customized instantly and allow you to connect with your target audience in a riveting way. For example, your pylon sign’s LED display can use eye-catching graphics in the following ways:

  • Display upcoming events.
  • Highlight new products and services.
  • Celebrate a big victory for your local sports team.
  • Share other important information.

They are especially striking at night and during inclement weather conditions when most standard pylon signs may be difficult to see.

4. Use Bold Textures

Pylon signs are informative and helpful, but they can also be vivid and appealing through the use of bold sign textures. These features will help your custom pylon sign stand out, especially on busy highways or in large shopping centers where other pylon signs may be nearby.

5. How About Some New Lighting Features

Would you like to incorporate artistic lighting features into your signage? Your pylon sign posts can incorporate decorative accents – such as masonry, aluminum textures, or light features – that spotlight the pylon sign in captivating ways.

When your pylon sign looks and functions differently than standard signs, they’re more likely to capture attention and encourage people to visit your business.

National Signs Offers Dynamic Pylon Signage

When your business needs effective, bold, and eye-catching outdoor signage, National Signs can create pylon signs that make a lasting impact.

Our award-winning signage team takes the time to learn and prioritize your branding needs, company goals, and target audience to generate the best possible signs for your company or organization.

With over seven decades of design experience, our signage team is able to design, manufacture, install, and maintain signage that is appealing, functional, and durable for years to come.

View our gallery to see some examples of our most innovative and visually appealing pylon design concepts for customers.

– Are you ready to turn those pylon design ideas into actual signage? Contact National Signs today to learn more about our full range of business sign options and services.