Wayfinding sign for the City of Fulshear, Texas, fabricated by National Signs

5 Municipal Wayfinding Signs You Need

People traveling to your town or city can find their way with GPS and smartphone maps. But once they arrive, how will they know what all your area has to offer? Or, where exactly to find the entrance to municipal buildings? 

Visitors want to see your local landmarks, shop at your local stores, and explore points of interest, but they need physical wayfinding signs to guide them there.

Learn about five types of municipal wayfinding signs your city needs to think about investing in to enhance the visitor experience. We’ll also explain how National Signs can help. 

What is a Wayfinding Sign? 

Wayfinding signs tell visitors and residents exactly where to find what they’re looking for. They should be an integral part of any city, town, or municipal area. 

These signs serve several specific purposes, including welcoming visitors and helping draw attention to local businesses, which supports revenue for your city. A great wayfinding sign is the cornerstone of any civic planning or development project. 

To have effective wayfinding signs, you need a cohesive signage system that promotes your city or town’s brand. Signs are able to incorporate a unified style, font, colors, terrain, logo, or nearby landmarks across all your signs. 

Learn about five different types of wayfinding signs that can elevate your municipal area or region.

1. Entrances and Gateways

Whether individuals and families enter a new city or a charming country town, nothing is more comforting than a beautiful, welcoming entrance sign. It’s a relief for travelers to know they’ve arrived at their destination, and often a source of pride for local residents.

Offering a stunning entrance sign or fun gateway display doesn’t just welcome people to your area – it may also serve as a viral destination for those who want to photograph themselves at your sign and post their content on social media. This type of positive buzz can be great for your city’s reputation as a must-see place to visit.

2. Directional Signage

Once visitors arrive, they’ll need eye-catching, user-friendly wayfinding signage near intersections and roadways to direct them to different points of interest. These types of signs are vital to the visitor experience. They can benefit areas ranging from busy downtown areas to suburban cities to small towns.

City wayfinding signs point people towards places such as:

  • Visitor centers
  • Stadiums and arenas
  • Pedestrian-friendly areas
  • Amusement parks
  • Natural landmarks
  • Historical sites
  • Colleges and universities
  • Zoos and museums
  • Shopping centers
  • Restaurants
  • Hospitals
  • Other points of interest

Wayfinding signs provide clear-cut navigation, which improves traffic flow through your municipal areas and helps visitors find their way with ease – whether they walk through your town square or drive to busy tourist areas.

3. Property Maps and Directories 

Visitors also benefit when municipal wayfinding signs include detailed property maps and informative directories. Similar to a mall or building directory, outdoor wayfinding signage display important details and universal symbols to help people find their way to places such as:

  • Nearby public restrooms
  • Visitor parking areas
  • Popular landmarks

People are able to better explore your town or municipal area when they can see exactly where they are in relation to where they need to go. It simplifies navigation and provides a more pleasant experience, especially for large downtown areas, major shopping centers, and busy tourist spots.

4. Local Ordinances

Wayfinding signs also share important information, such as local rules and city ordinances. For example, if your city or town has restrictions on public smoking and vaping, fireworks, or gun-free zones, then good signage helps clarify this for visitors.

5. Points of Interest 

Does your city or town offer incredible natural landmarks, historical sites, art installations, or museums? Provide informative signage to visitors to enhance their visit. Your wayfinding signs help people learn more about a specific landmark or point of interest while also celebrating the best of your region.

National Signs Provides Solutions for Municipal Wayfinding Signs

If your municipal area needs informative and engaging wayfinding systems, National Signs is ready to help. Our award-winning design team and expert sign manufacturers create custom municipal wayfinding signs that inform while perfectly reflecting your region, landmarks, or local terrain in eye-catching and dynamic ways.

To learn more about our wide range of wayfinding sign options, visit our gallery or contact us to schedule a consultation with our team. Discover why so many cities and towns across the country choose National Signs for their wayfinding signage needs.