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5 Ideas to Fundraise for a Digital Bulletin Board for Schools

Schools are quickly discovering that digital bulletin boards are an effective, innovative way to engage with their student body, teachers, and staff. Because digital bulletin boards for schools require a larger financial investment than temporary signs, you may need to fundraise to get the digital signage your need for your campus.

Learn why digital signage solutions are an excellent choice for schools and five fundraising ideas your school can use to pay for digital screens for your campus or educational institution.

Why Invest in Digital Bulletin Boards?

Schools, colleges, and other educational institutions benefit when they choose digital bulletin boards over static signs or standard bulletin boards.  With digital boards, campuses can display a rotation of all of the following information throughout the day:

  • Urgent announcements or breaking news across campus
  • Celebrate school awards, milestones, or achievements
  • Highlight students, teachers, and staff
  • Promote upcoming events or important dates
  • Increase student engagement with social media accounts
  • Post campus security and health guidelines
  • Encourage students and staff to create content for display
  • Make quick updates or corrections all at once

Digital signage software gives school campuses the ease and flexibility to create meaningful, engaging content that captures the attention of students and staff.  With digital boards, your school will be able to inform others without the time and expense of having to make and post static signs all across campus.

You can have an environmentally-friendly alternative that offers instant messaging and long-term cost savings by replacing banners, paper flyers, and other static signs with digital boards. You can also save on rising paper and printing costs and still be able to communicate with students, staff, and visitors effectively.

The addition of digital boards on a school campus requires a larger financial commitment for the equipment and installation, but there are many fundraising activities involving students and staff that can offset these costs. Let’s explore a few!

Fundraising Ideas to Get Your School Sign

Here are five effective fundraising opportunities your campus can engage in to help raise funds for your new school sign.

1. Spirit Nights At Local Businesses

A popular and simple fundraiser for schools is partnering with local restaurants or businesses in your area to host Spirit Nights, where a portion of all sales is donated to the school for buying digital boards or funding other campus needs. Parents and students can enjoy a great meal or a fun night out while supporting both the school and local businesses.

2. Raffles With Donated Prizes

Funds for school digital signage can also be raised by hosting raffles throughout the year with prizes donated from parents or businesses in the nearby community. Students can sell tickets in person or online, and local business owners can also contribute prizes to boost their visibility among parents, students, and teachers.

3. School Carnival

Hosting an annual school carnival or fair can also be an effective way to raise funds your digital signage – not to mention, a whole lot of fun! Schools can charge a fee for entry, rides, activities, or food and drinks to help minimize the cost of installing and maintaining digital bulletin boards for their campus.

4. Merchandise Sales

You can also opt to sell different kinds of merchandise by partnering with experienced school fundraiser companies. These companies supply the merchandise and marketing materials so the students and staff can focus on sales and reaching their fundraising goals.

School fundraiser companies typically offer merchandising opportunities such as:

  • Book fair items
  • Cookies or cookie dough
  • Candy bars
  • Popcorn and snacks
  • Seasonings
  • Household items or decor
  • School merchandise such as logo shirts, hats, bags, or jackets

After the fundraiser, the company will give your school a portion of the proceeds from these sales to get the digital screens they need!

5. Corporate Sponsorships

Finally, often your school can get the funding needed for digital signage solutions by pursuing corporate sponsorships for advertising and promotional purposes. You can offer various sponsorship levels and sizes for sponsor information to display on a rotation of slides throughout the day.

Supporting companies can have their company name, logo, or social media information displayed on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. It can provide a regular revenue stream for schools to offset installation and maintenance costs for digital boards while also building brand awareness for sponsor businesses.

Digital Bulletin Board Solutions from National Signs

National Signs offers school campuses a wide variety of digital bulletin board solutions that are effective, eye-catching, and durable. By investing in digital boards, your school can have flexibility and simplicity in its messaging options – and students and staff can have peace of mind that they always have the most up-to-date information available at any time anywhere across campus.

For more information about digital bulletin board options for your school, view our gallery or contact National Signs today.