5 Fresh Design Ideas for Your Corporate Signage

Are you looking for new design ideas to bring your corporate branding to life through corporate signage? We believe there are many different ways to make a bold statement in the market by leveraging your brand and marketing assets through custom signs.

Whether your organization is expanding operations, entering a new market, recently completed a merger or acquisition, or wants to engage with more customers, you want to make sure your signage accurately reflects the current state of your business. We want to share some fresh ideas to help you think bigger about how to turn your identity into amazing corporate signage that will attract customers and generate revenue.

Consider These Corporate Signage Design Ideas

Your brand is incredibly valuable, and you can apply your corporate identity to outdoor signage in so many different ways. Let’s examine some of our favorite ways to apply corporate brands to signage.

1. Make Your Logo Pop If You Have Strong Brand Recognition

Some corporations have an instantly recognizable logo. Starbucks, for example, is known around the world. We supported a local Starbucks location in Houston by creating signage that made their logo stand out to potential customers driving down Richmond Avenue or walking by. No words needed, just the iconic Starbucks Siren logo.STARBUCKS RICHMOND

This is a great example of leveraging a powerful asset to create effective corporate signage. By keeping the store’s audience focused on the Starbucks brand, we helped the store increase the likelihood of converting a passerby into a customer.

We recognize that not every company has the brand recognition of Starbucks or another major corporation. And, that’s okay! There are so many other ways to get creative about turning your assets into great signage.

2. Use the Unique Name of Your Company

A company’s name is what gives that company its identity and helps it stand out from others in the market. Your company name is your story, and it symbolizes what you stand for.Quick Quack 1 cropped

Do you have a unique, memorable, or well-recognized company name? You can really make an impact by leveraging your name through corporate signage.

One of the best examples is a customer that we supported, Quick Quack Car Wash. It’s a fun name that easily stands out amongst other car wash service providers. We enjoyed going to work designing a sign that took advantage of their name, plus their memorable duck branding element.

Tapping into this approach helps your customers easily recognize your company’s products or services because of your unique business name.

3. Use Your Corporate Colors

A first impression counts in business, and your corporate colors may be the first thing that your audience sees. Certain colors draw out certain feelings and emotions, and they even transmit certain information. Corporate colors play a big part in helping customers decide if they want to engage with your business or not.

For example, Mastercard recently dropped the words “Mastercard” from their brand mark and now simply use their interlocking red and yellow colors. It was a bold choice that they felt was the right move because of the recognition for their corporate colors.

You don’t have to be Mastercard to utilize this design tip, though! We helped a Tex-Mex restaurant in Houston, Ruby Tequila’s Mexican Kitchen, stand out through their outdoor signage. As part of our sign design, we printed “Ruby Tequila” in flaming red and yellow colors to signal that you can find hot and spicy food at their restaurant. It conveys a certain message to potential customers about what they can expect to enjoy.Rubys Tequila Monument 1

Incorporating your signature colors into outdoor signage helps you build a stronger relationship with your customers. The use of colors also helps polish your brand, causing it to look more appealing and organized. This also allows you to stand out from your competition. If the strength of your business is your brand colors, then you accentuate this through signage!

4. Use a Unique Brand or Design Mark in Outdoor Signage

Having a unique brand mark is an essential part of your brand identity. It’s a complex concept that shows the core values and the ideas of a company. A brand mark leaves all words and letters behind to focus solely on the descriptive power of imagery.

One of our favorite uses of a brand mark in corporate signage is Workforce Solutions. Our customer wanted to make the honeycomb aspect of their logo stand out at each of their locations because the honeycomb “represents a source of activity and production and it symbolizes the linkage of the many system components.”WorkforceSolutions cropped

As you can see, the honeycomb mark is a critical aspect of their business. They describe this mark as their “visual cornerstone that supports the Workforce Solutions message and identity across the entire organization in all products and functions.”

If your organization has a similar asset, we recommend leveraging this unique design mark in your signage. It’s a great way to make a lasting impact on your intended audience.

5. Emphasize Your Tagline, Corporate Slogan, or Text

Some corporate signs just need the logo. Some need the name, colors, or brand marks. Then, there are other opportunities to make a lasting impact through your company’s tagline, corporate slogan, or another use of wording.

Keep in mind that using your tagline or words should strengthen your brand’s image. If the other branding elements stand out on their own, then you don’t want too much text to get in the way of the message. But, if you have a memorable, standout, or well-recognized tagline, then you should absolutely leverage the message in signage.

Conversely, if your logo or name needs to be supported by text to communicate a complete message, then it’s a good idea to use text to support the logo or name.chl hspva

A great example of this is the Kinder High School for the Performance and Visual Arts. They have a wonderfully creative HSPVA logo with the “P” and “V” staggered to show off their creativity. To complete the signage it was also important to write out the full name of their school. This served as a great enhancement to make it clear to potential students – and their parents – exactly what the school is about.

Find Corporate Signage Solutions Through National Signs

If you’re a corporate decision-maker, then you should turn toward National Signs for corporate sign solutions. As an award-winning sign design company, we take great satisfaction in bringing your corporate signage vision to life.

We will review your corporate identity, understand how to leverage your assets, and collaboratively work with your team to craft amazing corporate signage for each of your locations. This way, your company will realize a positive ROI on your investment in new outdoor signs.

For more information, contact us today to discuss a sign solution drawing inspiration from some of our design ideas. Or, request a quote to get started right away!