You can get custom restaurant signs for your franchise or restaurant like the Jollibee sign pictured here.

5 Creative Things You Can Do with Custom Restaurant Signs

A successful restaurant doesn’t just need fantastic dishes and a great staff – it also needs to be able to stand out and draw in customers. Well-made and attractive restaurant signs capture attention, elevate a restaurant’s identity, and help a business thrive.custom restaurant signs

Business signage tremendously impacts your restaurant’s long-term success, so choosing creative and exciting signs inside and outside of your business is important. Learn five creative things that can be done with custom restaurant signs to help grow your business and bring in new and returning customers.

1. Bold Outside Signage

Exciting outdoor signs create dramatic visual effects and help people easily find your restaurant. Creative signs establish your identity and solidify your place in the community by making it a local landmark and focal point.

Creative storefront and outdoor signs that help your business attract attention include:

  • LED signs
  • Channel letters
  • Cabinet signs
  • Pylon signs

LED signs are illuminated signs that display vivid colors and graphics at any time of day, making them an ideal choice to garner attention. They offer incredible flexibility, allowing your restaurant to show any image or video needed to attract customers, and installing these on tall pylon signs give your signs extra visibility and attention.

If you want exciting custom signs but don’t want a changing LED message, channel letters and cabinet signs can display your restaurant name and logo in bold and bright ways, making them easily noticeable from far away. Custom restaurant signs ensure your restaurant name, logo, font, and colors are clearly displayed to strengthen your brand identity to everyone who passes by.

2. Entertaining Message Signs

You can also use custom restaurant signs to display funny phrases or silly quotes to spotlight on social media. Artistic neon signs or custom wall displays can make your restaurant a must-see destination for influencers to promote on social media accounts.

Creative signage options demonstrate your restaurant’s style and aesthetic and can help foster a relaxed and fun atmosphere. With iconic and eye-catching custom signage, customers will see that your restaurant or bar is an exciting place to be.

3. Digital Menu Screens

One of the best uses for custom restaurant signs is displaying your food and bar menusclearly and vividly. Digital menu screens showcase the absolute best of your menu with a rotation of enticing food photos, prices, and other helpful information as customers make their decisions.

Digital menu boards also highlight seasonal menu options, weekly specials, or new items. Your restaurant or bar can always display the most current pricing and menu offerings without having to spend money or time reprinting menus or manually correcting static menu displays.

4. News and Event Boards

You can also create custom signs to highlight upcoming events, announce restaurant challenges, display winners, and promote contests. They may also be used to celebrate employee and restaurant achievements and awards.

If you want a more eye-catching effect, LED video screens are able to display this information, as well as a rotation of photos and reviews from satisfied customers and positive feedback. News and information boards are an effective customer service tool for answering common questions and providing a one-stop source of information for visitors.

5. Customer Engagement Signs

Custom restaurant signs can be used to display QR codes that take customers to sign-up pages for email lists or newsletters. Signs may also encourage customers to download restaurant apps for rewards programs, menus, freebies, or online ordering.

When customers are regularly engaged and connected with your restaurant, they’re far more likely to return, promote your business in a positive way, and also encourage others to visit.

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