National Signs employee works on sign fabrication for the TEAM Alvin Campus sign

4 Fun Facts About Sign Fabrication

Signs share a wealth of information with people passing by your business, so it’s important to have sign products that engage, inform, and captivate for maximum impact. Your business deserves more than just standard, basic signage – it should have custom signs fabricated to capture your design dreams and branding goals.

Discover four fun facts about sign fabrication and how custom signs can transform the look, appeal, and presentation of your business.

1. The Most Effective Advertising for Your Business

Business signs are the single most effective way to promote your business to the general public.

Signs guide people to action. Effective and well-made signs encourage people to stop and visit your business, make a purchase, tell their friends and family, or research more about your company. Poorly fabricated signs that are hard to see, look cheap, or appear dingy may steer people away from your business and towards your competition.

Depending on your location, hundreds or even thousands of people may pass by your property and see your business sign, so you want to make sure people can clearly see your name, logo, and company branding at all times.

2. Provides Endless Artistic Possibilities

Custom fabrication has the ability to make your dreams a reality with signs that captivate and motivate, with an endless variety of design and artistic options to reflect your style and company aesthetic. Your signs may project strength, reliability, nature, beauty, professionalism, or whatever message best reflects your business.

Inventive and bold signs achieve a greater impact on your property, whether they’re suspended in the air, mounted on an exterior wall, or displayed high above on a pylon post. In addition, they can be constructed using high-precision cutting machines to reflect artistic shapes, large-scale logos, or shadow and light contrasts for a more eye-catching effect than standard signs.

3. Offers Unique Material Combinations

Sign fabrication doesn’t just offer variety in shapes and designs but also in the actual construction and materials used. Instead of settling for a limited selection of sign materials and styles, your business sign can have a wide array of unique colors, styles, and materials to make them pop and grab attention when people pass by.

Also, your business may choose signs that reflect the surrounding landscape, colors, and natural resources of the area, such as artistic stonework or custom paint finishes. Custom signage incorporates your business branding and aesthetic style into your indoor and outdoor signs for a more cohesive and unified look across your property.

4. Not All Signs Are Created Equally

Nearly every type of company needs business signs, but not all sign companies can create bold and exciting signs or meet the client’s artistic or sign size needs. Whether your business needs large channel letters on the storefront, tall pylon LED signs near busy roadways, or architectural signage that is a stunning landmark on your property, you need designers and fabricators that can handle a wide variety of production processes and sign designs.


Your sign company should be able to provide any kind of sign solution or style needed, whether it’s large LED signs, sleek and sophisticated brushed metal storefront signs, or classic brick monument signs for a traditional look. In addition, your fabricated sign should be well-constructed for many years of functionality and visual appeal and installed or mounted in a safe and dependable way.

National Signs Offers Sign Fabrication Solutions

As a leader in the sign industry, National Signs creates dazzling architectural signage that inspires and excites while also offering unparalleled customer service, whether you’re a local business, a national chain, or an international corporation. Your business signs can attract your target audience and offer visual appeal without sacrificing quality, integrity, or style.

Our design, fabrication, and installation teams excel at producing specialized and unique signage for small to medium-sized businesses, as well as large-scale fabrication for larger institutions such as stadiums, universities, or hospital complexes with significant signage needs.

We strive to provide sign products that showcase your company brand in the best possible way, with stunning architectural designs, clear lettering, and professional and lasting construction and installation. If your business is interested in partnering with National Signs for your sign fabrication needs, request a quote today.