Monument sign for Alamo Group fabricated and installed by National Signs.

3 Types of Monument Sign Lighting

Monument signs are an important, eye-catching landmark on commercial property. You can use this type of sign to display the names of companies on your property and identify the location of each business. However, for a monument sign to have the greatest possible impact, it must be clearly visible in the daytime – and at night!

Strategically-placed monument sign lighting makes a big difference in highlighting the location, beauty, and details of signage during evening hours.

Discover three types of lighting options that improve the visibility and effectiveness of outdoor signs. Also, find out how National Signs helps customers gain access to beautiful, engaging monument signage.

Which Monument Sign Lighting Fits Your Space?

Commercial properties that house many companies need to select the best type of monument sign that makes each business stand out. Take a look at these options!

1. LED Flood Lights

For monument signs with metal or solid panels to display business names, LED flood lights are preferred for shining a bright spotlight on your signage.

LED flood lights may be installed at the base of the monument sign to shine upwards for a more dramatic effect, or they can be installed on the top edge of the sign to shine the light down towards the business name.

LED flood lights are popular for monument sign owners because they offer several distinct features:

  • Wide variety of light sizes
  • Eye-catching brightness and visibility
  • Color-changing capabilities
  • Long-lasting LED bulbs
  • Energy efficient for cost savings
  • Low maintenance and weather-durable

Monument sign lights need a regular power supply. LED lights can be connected to an external power source, or you can choose LED solar lighting options. LED solar lights simplify outdoor illumination, providing attractive and functional lighting without needing to provide wiring for electricity. Think of the cost savings on the electricity bill!

2. Internal LED Light Box

Monument signs come in various shapes, sizes, and materials, depending on the company’s signage needs and property requirements for outdoor signs. They can be made of a metal panel with the business name and logo painted or etched onto the display or an acrylic face panel that displays the name and logo.

For monument signs with acrylic face panels, an internal LED light box is an effective solution for displaying a business name, logo, and other information in a brilliant and captivating way at night.

Internal LED boxes house LED bulbs or light strips inside the signage, along with electronic components that control the power source, colors, and timers.

Internal LED lights can be programmed to turn on at specific times of the evening and either display a solid white color or another bright color to illuminate your signage. Because they are located inside the monument sign, the LED lights are protected from weather and other elements that could impact their functionality. That is definitely a good thing.

3. In-ground Well Lights

If your monument sign does not have much space nearby to install flood lights – or the ability to have an internal light source – consider choosing in-ground well lights instead. These are well-concealed, smaller lights installed inside the ground or nearby concrete for a low-profile lighting option.

An in-ground well light or recessed light is an excellent option for a few reasons:

  • Highlight any distinct textures or designs on the signage.
  • Illuminate words and other important information.
  • Enhance the architectural design for your sign lighting.
  • Are a permanent, durable lighting option.

National Signs Offers Sign Lighting Solutions

An attractive and practical monument sign involves more than quality construction or strategic placement – it should also be visible 24 hours a day. Selecting the ideal monument sign lighting option is an integral part of the sign installation process, and National Signs is prepared to help your monument sign look its best at any time of day.

Our award-winning team of sign designers, manufacturers, and installers can create stunning monument signs that meet your specific business needs and are a long-lasting part of your property for years to come.

View our gallery to see many examples of our exceptional monument signs. Or contact us directly if you’re ready to discuss monument sign options that will make your property pop.