A post and panel for St. Luke's Health created by National Signs.

3 Post and Panel Sign Uses

When customers try to find your specific building or business property, they will look for a sign to let them know they’re at the correct location.

Without clear signage, visitors could pass up your property, get delayed, or miss important information. That’s a lost opportunity to connect with a customer!

Post and panel signs are popular with business owners and property managers to solve this challenge. These signs provide essential information about your business to help out your visitors. Take a look at this information about why it’s a good idea to incorporate post and panel signage into your exterior space.

Post and Panel Sign Opportunities at your Place of Business

Learn three practical uses for post and panel signs, the different customization options available, and why National Signs is a leading provider of these valuable outdoor signs.

1. Use for Property Identification

A post and panel sign helps clearly identify your business location, especially when installed close to streets and busy roadways. They allow people to see your business name and logo from a far distance away, so they can slow down and safely pull into your parking lot or property entrance.

This type of signage is an excellent way to promote your brand and style since these signs can be customized to display your specific fonts, logos, colors, and aesthetics in a way that grabs attention.

You can also add lights to make your signage more visible at night and have it installed at a taller height to stand out from nearby signs.

Industries that can benefit from post and panel signs include:

  • Retail stores
  • Restaurants
  • Banks
  • Professional services (dental, legal, financial)
  • Schools
  • Healthcare
  • Libraries
  • Parks and recreational areas
  • Museums

When customers are able to easily find your location, they’re more likely to have a great first impression, become returning customers, and tell others about their positive experiences.

2. Use as Directional Signage

Post and panel sign systems enable you to easily direct people to specific areas of your property, especially if you have a large campus or specific entrances for vendors or deliveries.

Visitors and vendors need to be able to quickly identify specific areas on your property:

  • Entrances and exits
  • Available parking locations
  • Delivery or pick-up locations
  • Fire lanes
  • No-parking zones
  • Handicap-accessible areas 

Construction equipment, school buses, 18-wheeler delivery trucks, and other specific vehicles can all benefit from these signs to let them know how to safely access your property and where to park.

When people are able to easily find where to safely enter, exit, and park on your property, it reduces the risk of issues with safety, parking, and accessibility.

3. Use for Wayfinding

Wayfinding signage helps display important information about your property, such as building names, departments, specific venues, or landmarks. Post and panel signs are an effective, visible way to provide this information to anyone on site while keeping your same business style and graphics.

Consider a few examples of practical use:

  • Hospitals can direct ambulances and visitors to specific building entrances.
  • Schools can help students and faculty find classroom buildings, departments, and campus facilities.
  • Shopping centers can guide customers to large anchor stores or parking garages.

Post and Panel Sign Options

The primary appeal of post and panel signage is that they can be manufactured in a broad range of styles, sizes, colors, and finishes to perfectly reflect your business style and branding.

Their distinctive options allow your property to have a cohesive system of signs that range from traditional aluminum panels with simple lettering to unique sign materials with custom fonts.

Design options for post and panel signs include:

  • Painted finishes on support posts
  • LED displays
  • Variety of panel materials
  • Lighted sign cabinets
  • Decorative sign trims
  • Landscape lighting for additional nighttime visibility

Eye-catching and visible signage is a great way to differentiate your place of business and reach more customers. These outdoor signs can help you accomplish goals with ease, style, and professionalism.

Why Companies Choose National Signs for Post and Panel

Businesses across all industries continue to choose National Signs for their indoor and outdoor sign needs, including informational post and panel signage.

Our award-winning design team will create and manufacture custom signage that meets your unique and specific ideas, using the best materials and innovative technology for a durable sign that captivates target audiences.

Are you ready to have business signs that capture people’s attention and help them find their way around your property? View our gallery to discover many creative and effective post and panel sign ideas.

Ready to discuss a project? Schedule a quick consultation with our team to learn more about these signs manufactured and installed by National Signs.