This fun Dickinson Animal Hospital sign is a great example of creative outdoor signage

3 Ideas for Creative Outdoor Signage

Custom signs are one of the best ways to reach new customers and bring past customers back to your place of business. You may even have a few ideas for how to really make a splash! But, it can be challenging to develop creative outdoor signage that doesn’t take away from your brand or distract your customers.

Reviewing a few signage ideas will help you turn those rough draft ideas into a good list of sign concepts that balance creativity and functionality. Plus, working with our dedicated sign design team can make upgrading your exterior signage a straightforward process.

Get Creative With These Outdoor Sign Ideas

Your company’s signage needs to attract attention, remain visible and legible, and showcase your unique branding. However, creating something that checks all of these boxes can be difficult. Take a look at our design ideas to help you out!

1. Utilize Architecture and Look for Trends

When exploring outdoor signage ideas, it’s important to consider how the sign will go with the rest of the building or the outdoor landscaping and architecture. Incorporating architectural accents into the design can make both the sign and the building stand out while creating a more cohesive appearance.

Signs that blend with the building’s materials, colors, or styles can also help to showcase your business’s atmosphere. You’ll give your customers a taste of what you represent before they even step through the door.

For example, perhaps your building has several glass windows. Creating a sign with glass textures can reflect the building’s style while displaying either the elegant feel of your business.

While considering various exterior signage ideas, you may also want to look at current architectural and signage trends. Utilizing a trend can show potential customers that you’re innovative, modern, and up-to-date on style.

Remember to choose a look that reflects your business and what you represent. For example, a sleek contemporary appearance can present a sense of luxury, while a more cottage-chic look shows that your business is warm, welcoming, and down to earth.

2. Incorporate Logos

Utilizing the same or similar branding across all of your marketing and advertising channels – including your website, print ads, and exterior signage – is a fantastic way to build recognition and ensure that people remember who you are.

Think about your brand colors and what you most often use when promoting your business. Consider what aesthetic best suits your company, and incorporate that into your sign ideas. Try to create a similar look and feel across various signs and advertising.

Creating a new logo and using that on your exterior signage is another excellent way to incorporate branding. A great logo is often memorable and shows at a glance what your business is and what it offers in terms of both services and atmosphere.

3. Consider Uniqueness, Visibility, and Simplicity

One of the most crucial elements of an outdoor sign is its ability to draw attention. Great exterior signs make people want to explore a store, restaurant, or business. There are many ways to create unique signage, and looking at outdoor signage examples can give you different ideas for colors, fonts, shapes, styles, and overall designs.

For example, adding a bold pop of color or a striking illustration are excellent ways to catch people’s eyes while highlighting what your business is offering.

During the design process, however, it’s important to remember that exterior signs should be easy to read at a glance. You don’t want to overwhelm your audience or turn your sign into a big eye sore. What should you do to find the right mix? Pare down colors and design elements:

  • Utilize one or two bold colors that work well together and fit the color of the building exterior.
  • Stick to one or two easily legible fonts.
  • If you plan to utilize your company’s logo, make it easily recognizable.

Balancing distinctiveness and simplicity is often the best choice for creative exterior signage.

National Signs Has You Covered with Creative Outdoor Signage

Sign design for your business doesn’t have to be stressful, and working with a professional sign company can make the entire design process enjoyable. We’ll make sure you stay on brand turning those creative outdoor signage ideas into a finished product.

If you’re ready to look into new outdoor signage for your business, contact us to request a quote for exterior sign design services. At National Signs, our end-to-end services can help bring your creative outdoor signage ideas to life!