Sports and entertainment venues are designed to maximize the fan and guest experience. They require captivating graphics and imagery, and are often used as key advertising points. That’s why signage plays a critical role. National Signs is an industry expert at designing and producing custom signs for all types of venues throughout Houston and across the country. Our diverse portfolio features signage for a range of venues, from college and professional sports stadiums to state-of-the-art entertainment complexes.

Today, modern sports and entertainment venues are top-tier facilities, and their signs should be no different. Having world-class signs is just as important as having world-class entertainment! Some of our recent projects include:

• A full visual re-brand showcasing new signage and graphics for a professional baseball stadium
• New concession signage for a professional football stadium
• Track signage for the first Formula One racetrack in the country
• LED electronic message center signage for several tier-one concert and entertainment venues
• Inside of the venue, fans need to be drawn in and shown the way. Wayfinding signs should be designed to quickly and efficiently move people through the venue, especially at peak capacity. These signs must direct fans to entrances, exits, concessions and seating. For these reasons, consistency in design, location, text and symbolism are crucial.

The utilization of LED electronic message centers used to be confined to large scoreboards. With continuous advances in technology and installation techniques, LED electronic signs are now consistently being used throughout stadiums and complexes for wayfinding, promotion or to provide that WOW! factor that fans love to see. They also play a key role in branding and advertising.

Sports and entertainment signs must be ready to meet the demanding needs of these facilities the moment they are installed. There are often strict windows of availability and absolutely no room for error. National Signs’ experienced project management team knows how to work within these restrictive schedules for site visits, installation, repair and maintenance. Additionally, our 5-year parts and labor warranty will ensure these signs are ready for those long home stands or that upcoming sold-out concert.